Professor Dr Hans F Graf

Subject: Meteorology and volcanology

Department/institution: Centre for Atmospheric Science

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Research interests:

Professor Dr Sc Hans-F Graf held the Chair in Environmental Systems Analysis until his retirement in December 2015. He contributed widely to the understanding of climate variability, the effects of volcanic activity on the Earth System, and the role that clouds play for the energetics of atmospheric circulation. Professor Graf has a special interest in the effects of land-use change on the Tibetan Plateau on weather and climate in East Asia. He is now a visiting fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, studying the variability of the Asian monsoon systems, the teleconnections between the tropical Pacific Ocean and the Northern Hemisphere, and the predictability of the El Niño Southern Oscillation system.

Select publications and awards


  • Debashis Nath; Wen Chen; Hans-F Graf; Xiaoqiang Lan; and Hainan Gong, ‘Contrasting Subtropical PV Intrusion Frequency and Their Impact on Tropospheric Ozone Distribution Over Pacific Ocean in El-Niño and La-Niña Conditions’, Scientific Reports, 7:1(2017)
  • J R McConnell; A Burke; N W Dunbar; P Köhler; J L Thomas; M Arienzo; N J Chellman; O J Maselli; M Sigl; J J F Adkins; D Baggenstos; J F Burkhart; E J Brook; C. Buizert; J Cole-Dai; T J Fudge; G Knorr; H-F Graf; M Grieman; N Iverson; S A Marcott; K McGwire; R Mulvaney; G Paris; R H Rhodes; E S Saltzman; J P Severinghaus; J P Steffensen; K C Taylor; and G Winckler, ‘Synchronous Volcanic Eruptions and Abrupt Climate Change ~17.7k Years Ago Plausibly Linked to Stratospheric Ozone Depletion, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114:38 (2017)
  • Daniel Bannister; Michael Herzog; Hans-F Graf; and C Alan Short, ‘An Assessment of Recent and Future Temperature Change Over the Sichuan Basin, China, Using CMIP5 Climate Models, Journal of Climate, 30:17 (2017), 6701-6722
  • Shuoyi Ding; Wen Chen; Juan Feng; Hans-F Graf, et al., ‘Combined Impacts of PDO and Two Types of La-Niña on Climate Anomalies in Europe, Journal of Climate, 30:9 (2017), 3253-3278   


  • The Suehring Medal from the German Meteorological Society (2015)