Professor Guoqiang Li

Subject: Economics

Department/Institution: University of Macau, China 

Contact details:

From April 2019 - July 2019

Research Interests

Guoqiang Li is Associate Professor in Business Economics at the University of Macau. Professor Li received his undergraduate degree in Computer and Applications, Master of Science in Management Systems Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University, and his PhD degree in economics from National University of Singapore. He has published papers in the fields of microeconomics, international economics, and casino tourism, in Applied Economics, Pacific Economic Review, International Review of Economics and Finance, Tourism Management, and Annals of Tourism Research. He has taught Microeconomics, International Trade and Commercial Policy, and Managerial Economics for Retailing SMEs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has won five international, national, and local awards for his academic and policy research.