Professor Hugh Markus

Subject: Neurology

Department/institution: Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Professor of Stroke Medicine, University of Cambridge

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Hugh Markus was appointed in 2013 as Professor of Stroke Medicine at the University of Cambridge and Honorary Consultant Neurologist at Cambridge University Hospitals Trust. He was an undergraduate at Cambridge and Oxford Universities before training in Medicine and Neurology in Oxford, Nottingham, and London. Before his current appointment, he was Professor of Neurology and Head of the Stroke and Dementia Research Institute at St George’s University of London.

His research interests focus on what causes stroke and ways to develop better treatment approaches. He has a particular interest in cerebral small vessel disease, which creates a quarter of all strokes and is the most common cause of vascular dementia. Collaborating with groups worldwide, he uses genetic techniques to understand the pathogenesis of stroke better, to identify novel pathways which can be therapeutically targeted. He uses imaging techniques (particularly MRI and positron emission tomography) to understand better why cerebral small vessel disease damages the brain, and to provide a readout to assess the effectiveness of new treatment approaches in clinical trials.

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