Ryan Nehring

Ryan Nehring is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science where he works on a Wellcome Trust-funded project titled 'From Collection to Cultivation: Historical Perspectives on Crop Diversity and Food Security'.

His research is broadly interested in the historical development of agricultural research and the role of science and technology in shaping both local and global food security. Most of Ryan’s research is located in Brazil where he previously worked as a researcher on sustainable development for the United Nation’s Development Programme’s International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth. In addition to his academic research, Ryan occasionally serves as a consultant for development agencies on issues related to rural poverty reduction, local food systems and sustainable development.

Ryan earned his MS and PhD in Development Sociology from Cornell University. He also has an MA in International Development Studies from St. Mary’s University in Canada and a BA in Languages and International Studies from the College of Saint Scholastica. 

Selected publications:

Ofstehage, Andrew and Ryan Nehring. (2021) “No-Till Agriculture and the Deception of Sustainability in Brazil,” International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability

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