Simone Schneider

Role: Provides support for all those who identify with groups including, but not exclusive to, race, gender, sexuality, accessibility and socio-economic background. Strives to make Clare Hall as inclusive, diverse and accessible as possible.

Contact details:

What is your course in Cambridge?

Sociology of Media and Culture (MPhil)

Where are you from?

I’m from a tiny village in southern Germany

How long have you been a Clare Hall student for?

For about a month

What do you love about Clare Hall?

All the great people I have met here, the free coffee and newspapers, the delicious food, the non-hierarchical and welcoming atmosphere, and of course the fantastic boat club

What are you hoping to achieve in your GSB position?

I strive to make Clare Hall an inclusive and supportive experience for all students. Further, I hope to raise awareness and create space for discussion for different equality related topics