Sir Philip Campbell

Institution: Editor-in-Chief, Springer Nature; Editor Emeritus, Nature


Sir Philip Campbell is a Life Member and Honorary Fellow of Clare Hall. As Editor-in-Chief of Springer Nature, his roles are:

-to catalyse new content across imprints (Nature journals, Springer, BMC, Palgrave Macmillan, Scientific American), especially in relation to societal challenges such as the future of physical and mental health, and the future of food from land and water;

-to catalyse new collaborations with researchers and research stakeholders to help maximise societal impacts of research and research publications, and to help document such impacts;

-to lead the development of new editorial policies for research integrity – both technical and ethical.

Sir Philip was Editor-in-Chief of Nature from 1995-2018, the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Physics World in 1988-95, and his career started out as a researcher in upper-atmospheric physics before becoming Physical Sciences Editor in his first stint at Nature in 1979. His contacts with Clare Hall members and Fellows arose especially in relation to research into mental illnesses, which he championed both at Nature from 2010, and also as a founding trustee and then Chair of the charity MQ: transforming mental health.