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The College is a highly integrated academic society with a President, Fellows, graduate students and other members. About 300 members are currently in Cambridge creating a professionally and culturally diverse environment. To find out more about any of our members, please click on their names below. Clare Hall is committed to protecting your privacy, please refer to www.clarehall.cam.ac.uk/data-protection-information.

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Jan Leader

Senior Porter

Contact details: 


01223 332 360

Heather Lewis

Development and Events Coordinator

Contact details: 


Terri Lewis

Accommodation and Facilities Manager



01223 746960



Dr Kun Li

Research Fellow

Subject: Engineering

Department/institution: Electrical Engineering Division

Contact details: kl330@cam.ac.uk

Professor Pietro Lio'

Professorial Fellow

Subject: Computational Biology

Department/institution: The Computer Laboratory

Subject: The comparative study of religion and Hindu culture, theology and philosophy with special reference to the relationship between Britain and India in nineteenth...

Dr Michael Loewe

Emeritus Fellow


The history of early imperial China

Contact details: 



Physics, astrophysics and cosmology


Cavendish Laboratory 

Contact details: 

Ems Lord

Research Fellow

Subject: Mathematics

Department/institution: Director of NRICH, President-Elect of Mathematical Association 2019-20

Dr Rosie Luff

Emeritus Fellow, Tutor

Subject: Archaeology

Contact: rml10@cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Dr Qiang Luo

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Psychology

Department/institution: Fudan University, China

Contact details: qluo@fudan.edu.cn 

Professor John Macdonald

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Social Sciences

Department/institution: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 

Débora Macedo

GSB Social 2019 - 2020


Organises and coordinates social events for students

Contact details:

Logan Malik

GSB Green

Role: Works with Clare Hall students and the College to reduce our impact on the environment.

Professor Hugh Markus

Professorial Fellow

Subject: Neurology

Department/institution: Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Professor of Stroke Medicine, University of Cambridge

Sam Martensz

Senior Accounts Assistant

Contact details:




Dr Joseph McConnell

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Earth Sciences

Department/institution: Desert Research Institute, Reno, USA

Professor Richard McMahon

Professorial Fellow


Astronomy and Astrophysics: Observational Cosmology and formation and evolution of Galaxies and Quasars.


Professor Thomas McSweeney

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Law

Department/institution: William and Mary Law School, Williamsburg, USA

Dr Adrian Mihai

Research Fellow

Subject: Philosophy

Department/institution: Faculty of Divinity

Contact details: am2614@cam.ac.uk