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The College is a highly integrated academic society with a President, Fellows, graduate students and other members. About 300 members are currently in Cambridge creating a professionally and culturally diverse environment. Clare Hall is committed to protecting your privacy, please refer to www.clarehall.cam.ac.uk/data-protection-information.

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Professor Asad Ahmed

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Oriental studies


University of California, Berkeley, USA

Contact details: 


Professor Pedro Alemany

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Chemistry

Department/institution: University of Barcelona

Contact details: p.alemany@ub.edu

Dr David Aron

Visiting Fellow

Subject: History and philosophy of science

Department/institution: Case Western Reserve University, USA 

Dr Jin Baek

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Architecture

Department/institution: Seoul National University, South Korea​

Dr Christopher Batten

Visiting Fellow


Computer Engineering


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

Contact Details:

Professor Marcel Bruchez

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Biological Sciences

Department/institution: Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Social science: social movements and human development 


University of San Martin, Argentina


Professor Marco Caserta

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Mathematics

Department/institution: IE University, Spain

Contact details: marco.caserta@ie.edu

Professor Adam J Davis

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Medieval European history

Department/institution: Denison University, Ohio, USA

Professor David Evans

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Psychology/Neuroscience

Department/institution: Bucknell University

Professor Richard Evans

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Finance

Contact details: evansr@darden.virginia.edu


Professor Mark Flannery

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Finance

Department/institution: Judge Business School

Contact details: flannery@ufl.edu


Dr Eric R Gamazon

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Genomics and genetic medicine

Department/institution: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Dr Luisa Garcia

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Modern and Medieval Languages

Department/institution: Faculty of English, University of Seville, Spain

Subject: Law

Department/institution: University of Helsinki/Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights

Dr Roi Granot

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Earth sciences: geology

Department/institution: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Subject: Computer science

Department/institution: Technical University of Valencia

Subject: Musicology

Department/institution: University of Cologne

Professor Elizabeth Irwin

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Classics


Colombia University, USA

Contact details: 

Professor Andreas Jucker

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Modern and medieval languages


University of Zurich, Switzerland

Contact details: 

Fellows in the news

Clare Hall Inspires

The second 'Clare Hall Inspires' personal and professional development workshop for students and postdocs was co-organised by Dr Keri Wong (Clare Hall Postdoc Committee), Mr Tim Coorens (the GSB) and Ms Catherine Wise from the Development Office. This one-day workshop, open to all College members, was held in the Richard Eden Suite at West Court. The key aim of the workshop is to encourage students and postdocs to think flexibly about various career paths and to utilise the many...
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Clare Hall Postdocs - 3 Slide Talk Series

In May we held the fifth in the series of 3 Slide Talks. The three engaging talks from different disciplines provided much food for thought.The first talk was given by Dr Robert Beyer from the Department of Zoology. Robert, who has a background in maths, presented current collaborative research on palm oil production. Oil palm is a highly contested crop linked with environmental destruction. While environmental NGOs and others have called for boycotts of products containing palm oil, the...
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A New Samsung Artificial Intelligence Lab for Cambridge

Samsung have announced plans to open a new research lab in Cambridge, confirming the city’s reputation as one of the world’s foremost hubs for artificial intelligence research and development. The institute will open up opportunities for fundamental research in AI and enable greater cooperation with the UK’s academic community.  The project will be led by Professor Andrew Blake, a Professorial Fellow at Clare Hall.  Further links:
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Postdocs 3 Slide Talks

The third of our series of 3 Slide Talks featured the works of three Clare Hall Fellows. Kick starting the night was our Research Fellow from the Department of History, Dr Carolyn Cobbold, on the history of food and the role of science and scientists in the creation and regulation of food products and ingredients. We learned about the influence of chemists and the evolution of food colouring throughout various European countries and the US and what to look out for in modern day ingredient lists...
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