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The College is a highly integrated academic society with a President, Fellows, graduate students and other members. About 300 members are currently in Cambridge creating a professionally and culturally diverse environment. To find out more about any of our members, please click on their names below. Clare Hall is committed to protecting your privacy, please refer to www.clarehall.cam.ac.uk/data-protection-information.

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Dr Takuya Ohzono

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Physics

Department: Department of Physics

Contact: ohzono-takuya@aist.go.jp


Barrie Pain


Contact details: 


01223 332 360

Warren Pan

GSB External

Role: Organises formal swaps with other colleges and executes partnerships.

Dr Menelas (Mene) Pangalos

Official Fellow

 Subject: Neuroscientist, drug discovery and clinical development


Professor John S Parker

Emeritus Fellow


Plant genetics and the history of evolution.


Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Dr Lori A Passmore

Official Fellow


Cryo-electron microscopy of ribosomes


Programme Leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

Professor Heikki Patomaki

Visiting Fellow

Subject: History and Philosophy of Economics

Department/Institution: Faculty of Economics

Helen Pennant

Official Fellow

Department/institution: The Cambridge Trust

Contact details: helen.pennant@admin.cam.ac.uk

Professor Lynne Pepall

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Economics

Department/Institution: Tufts University, USA

Contact details: lynne.pepall@tufts.edu

Professor Sir Keith Peters

Honorary Fellow


Immunology of renal and vascular diseases


Role: Head of the GSB committee and represents Clare Hall students both internally and outside of the College.

Jon Pither

Foundation Fellow





Anujan Poologaindran

GSB Welfare

Role: Ensures the general well-being of the student body and promotes a healthy study-life balance

Viviana Pupeza

GSB External

Role: Organises formal swaps with other colleges and executes partnerships.

Hendrik Puschmann

Fellow Commoner

Subject: Law

Department/institution: K&L Gates LLP

Contact details: hp255@cam.ac.uk

Gianmarco Raddi

GSB Arts and Music

Role: Plans art, concerts and other music‐related events in College and is responsible for the maintenance of the GSB Music Room.

Dr Stefano Recchia

Official Fellow

Subject:  International relations, security studies, U.S. foreign policy and transatlantic relations

Professor Martin Rees

Honorary Fellow

Subject: Astrophysics and cosmology


Dr Olivier Renaut

Visiting Fellow

Subject: Philosophy

Department/Institution: Université Paris Nanterre; Institut Universitaire de France (Junior Member)

Research Interests:

Dr Daniela Rhodes

Emeritus Fellow

Subject: Molecular biology; telomere structure and function

Fellows in the news

New Book by Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes

Amateur Media and Participatory Cultures. Film, Video, and Digital Media by Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes and Susan Aasman aims to delineate the boundary line between today’s amateur media practice and the canons of professional media and film practice. Identifying various feasible interpretative frameworks, from historical to anthropological perspectives, the volume proposes a critical language able to cope with amateur and new media’s rapid technological and interpretative...
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Professor John Barrow

Clare Hall Professorial Fellow John Barrow was guest speaker at the recent Jeremiah Horrocks Lecture at the University of Central Lancashire. His talk Our Place in the Universe explained the concept of the expanding universe and the modern evidence for it. For more information click here.John D. Barrow FRS is Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University and...
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Safe Areas in Civil Wars

Official Fellow Dr Stefano Recchia has recently edited a special issue of the journal Global Responsibility to Protect, dedicated to ‘safe areas’ for civilian protection during violent conflict. Soon after the end of the Cold War, internationally protected safe areas were established, most prominently in northern Iraq (1991), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993), and Rwanda (1994). More recently, the idea has...
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New Book by Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes

British Women Amateur Filmmakers. National Memories and Global Identities by Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes, Heather Norris Nicholson (Edinburgh University Press).The first book to address the topic of British women amateur filmmakers.The study of amateur filmmaking and media history is a rapidly-growing specialist field, and this ground-breaking book is the first to address the subject in the context of British women’s amateur practice. Using an interdisciplinary framework that draws upon...
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