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Clare Hall is a graduate College, founded in 1966, with around twenty Official Fellows and Research Fellows, thirteen Professorial Fellows, forty Visiting Fellows, and two hundred Graduate Students. The President, Professorial Fellows, Official Fellows and Research Fellows comprise the Governing Body.  Members and their families are welcome participants in the social life of the College, which is informal.  There is some accommodation available on a charged rental basis for single persons, couples and families in the College. All Fellows qualify for an allowance of free meals.

Current Research Fellowships available:

Research Fellowship Competition in the Arts and Social Sciences 2018

The College proposes to elect one or more Non-Stipendiary Research Fellows in the Arts and Social Sciences for three years, tenable from 1 October 2018.

Research Fellowships are primarily intended to provide opportunities for scholars at an early stage of their academic careers, in any area of the Arts and Social Sciences, to establish and pursue their research in a supportive academic environment. During their tenure, Research Fellows have no college teaching duties other than to pursue their research. They are, however, members of the College Governing Body, and may serve on other College committees.  Successful candidates are expected to be graduate students who have recently completed or who are about to complete their PhD. There is no restriction on age, sex or previous standing, except that candidates may not already have held a Research Fellowship at a college of either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge, and some preference may be given to candidates who are at a relatively early stage of their research career. Research Fellows are required to live in Cambridge during Full Term, but leave may be granted to work away if necessary.

Non-stipendiary Research Fellows will be expected to demonstrate that they have adequate financial support from other sources.  Small grants for research expenses may be made available on application to the Bursar. Accommodation, if available, will be on a charged rental basis, but there is an allowance of free meals.

Applications will be examined by the College Fellows in the Arts and Social Sciences and by the Fellowship Committee. The final choice, however, will be made by the Governing Body, and the research proposal should, therefore, be written online convey to the non-specialist something of the interest and importance of the topic

How to apply

Applications must be made online using the following link:

The closing date for receipt of both applications and references is 14 February 2018

Decisions are expected on the Fellowships by 3 May 2018

The College will not solicit references. It is, therefore, applicants’ responsibility to insert the email address of referees allowing adequate time for a response before their deadline of 14 February.  The referees will be contacted automatically by the online Fellowship Application System, CASC.

Please direct any enquiries to

Clare Hall is an equal opportunities employer.

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