Stefan Luszczak


22 September – 1 November 2017  

Stefan initially studied sculpture at the Central School of Art and Design but in recent years has moved into print-making and painting. Following early experiments with mono-printing, he added layers of varnish, ink and paint thus creating new textures and depth which led naturally to working on canvas. 

Seeing the importance of the juxtaposition of colour, he looked at how it changes when being diffused through water and the landscape. He found that this also varies according to the different settings, seasons and the times of the day when he paints.  He likes to work from photographs but also out in the Essex and Cambridgeshire countryside near where he lives.

This growing interest in the effects of light on landscape and water has grown stronger with regular visits to the west coast of Ireland in recent years.  He has found the changes there throughout the day and seasons even more dramatic to witness and record.