Sustainability at Clare Hall

All Cambridge Colleges are trying to improve their environmental friendliness. Some traditional colleges have transformed parts of their manicured lawns into wildflower meadows – a joy to the human residents as well as for wildlife. What can Clare Hall do – how can we increase our recycling and composting, reduce our carbon footprint, and make our grounds friendly to wildlife? The GSB Green Officers are keen to increase our sustainable practices. We welcome more student involvement, so do get in touch.

The Clare Hall Environmental Committee meets every term so that staff and students can work together to improve Clare Hall’s sustainability. Recent progress includes:

• West Court has a rainwater harvesting system.

• The college makes its own compost out of garden waste, and when compost is purchased it is peat-free.

• Bicycle repair tools are available from the Porters’ Lodge. Cycling generally is encouraged, to support healthy commuting.

• A paper recycling bin is available near the student pigeon-holes, and large blue bins can be found near Leslie Barnett House. There are red bins for clothes and books to go to charity shops.

• College caterer Lexington Catering has been awarded the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s highest award of a Three Star Sustainability Champion and has its own environmental management system.

This year Clare Hall participated in the Green Impact Environmental Accreditation Scheme for the first time and was awarded a bronze award. There is much more to do, and everyone can get involved. As a first step, please remember to turn off lights and computers when not in use; use heating and hot water sparingly. It all helps to reduce our carbon footprint. For further information, see the sustainability notice board near the Porters’ Lodge.

Heather Norton 
GSB Green Officer 2015-16


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Pictured: Clare Hall Head of Housekeeping, Terri Lewis and Domestic Bursar, Jane Phelps accepting the 2017 Green Challenge award.


Moving on? Donate it


Clare Hall is proud to support the British Heart Foundation with their fight against heart disease and in 2016 we raised an amazing  £4,190. 

Please continue to help by donating your unwanted clothing, books, homewares, small electrical appliances, CDs and DVDs or  anything else you no longer need, in the bag provided.  

For further details, please contact our Porters or Housekeeper.

Thank you.