Towards the Mayflower by Nicholas Juett

21 November 2019 - 9 January 2020

Towards the Mayflower is an exhibition which celebrates the 400th anniversary of this ship's landing in the 'New World'. It also shows the remarkable progress the Cambridge artist Nicholas Juett has made over the past four decades.

Juett has painted oils compulsively during all this time.  He began to paint as a teenager, using multiple perspectives and deep reds to portray his chaotic bedroom. This creative freedom reappears in this exhibition in Juett's multiple visions of a wooden passenger ship crossing the Atlantic.

Yes, there is also a  vivid painting of a Cambridge cityscape, as well as a powerful recollection of a Devon scene close to the place where the artist grew up.  All his life Juett has been driven by his desire to share and communicate his vision with others. "My painting speaks and sounds out the emotions and feelings which only the richness of oil-paint can deliver".

The imaginative driving force behind this Clare Hall exhibition is visible in the new Mayflower paintings exploring its journey towards an imagined fantasy. In 1620 the persecuted Puritans,  having returned from an experimental period in Leiden, returned to England and set out for the new world, with a dream of religious freedom and a better world.  Today many people around the world have similar dreams, not only of a cleaner environment and freedom from persecution but also of journeys to other planets.  Nicholas Juett has expressed his dreams in this show by creating the windblown sails of antiquity in a language of painting that is entirely his own.

Clare Hall Art Committee wished to express its thanks to Yorick Blumenfeld for the above statement and for kindly curating the Nicholas Juett exhibition.  

The Clare Hall art space is open to the public daily from 9 am to 6 pm.