Visiting Fellows

Clare Hall brings together research scholars of different nationalities and academic disciplines, from graduate students studying for a higher degree to senior professors.  

The standards for Visiting Fellowships are high, with Fellowships only awarded to applicants who have made a substantial contribution to their fields, who have an excellent record of publication, and who enjoy an international reputation for intellectual achievement. In addition to welcoming applicants from academic institutions, we also recognise that many commercial or industry sponsors have research interests and collaborations with the University of Cambridge, and may have senior executives who would benefit from an extended stay in Cambridge to facilitate their work.

Clare Hall is a small college but has the largest Visiting Fellowship programme in the University.  This means that Visiting Fellows meet each other, permanent Fellows and graduate students daily over lunch, dinner and College events, enabling academic conversations and contacts with other mature and critical-minded thinkers.

Most Visiting Fellows, like many of the graduate students, are from overseas, thus adding an international dimension to life in the College, and are encouraged to bring their partners or family.  They become Life Members of Clare Hall and are welcomed back at any time to participate in college life.

Before applying, if they do not already have a personal invitation, applicants should make contact with the University of Cambridge department most closely related to their work. The department will be asked to provide a letter of invitation or support by the online system.

Applicants should submit a CV, personal statement and research proposal in PDF format, and the names of three referees familiar with their work. At least one referee should be from outside your university. The FAS online system will send emails requesting references and letters of invitation or support. The system will inform you by email if any references are missing seven days before the deadline.

Please make your application for a Visiting Fellowship using the online system FAS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the deadline dates for applications?

    The Visiting Fellowship competition is a rolling programme. The deadline date shown is the date by which completed applications must be received to be considered at the next meeting of the Fellowship Committee and then, if recommended, for approval by the Governing Body. Dates for the academic year 2021/22 are:​

    21 September 2021 (for Governing Body consideration on 20 October 2021)
    26 October 2021 (for Governing Body consideration on 24 November 2021)
    28 December 2021 (for Governing Body consideration on 26 January 2022)
    8 February 2022 (for Governing Body consideration on 9 March 2022)
    5 April 2022 (for Governing Body consideration on 4 May 2022)
    10 May 2022 (for Governing Body consideration on 8 June 2022) 
  • When can I expect to be notified of the Governing Body's decision?

    On receipt of all documentation and references, your application will be considered, and you will be notified of the outcome as soon as a decision is made (usually within a few days of the Governing Body meeting).

  • What happens if I miss the deadline date for applications?

    If you do not complete your application by this date, your application will remain open, to be completed for the subsequent deadline, unless this is less than six months away and you require accommodation.

  • Are Visiting Fellows classed as full members of the College?

    Visiting Fellowships carry full membership of the College, with use of all its facilities.
  • Do Visiting Fellows need to reside in Cambridge for the duration of their Fellowship?

    Fellows are required to reside in Cambridge for at least two-thirds of each term for which they hold a Visiting Fellowship, and are normally elected for a minimum period of six months and a maximum of one year.  Those wishing to come to Cambridge for a shorter period should note that it may not be possible to arrange this unless the period is in term time and that Visiting Fellows coming for longer stays may be given accommodation preference to those staying for only a few months.
  • Are Visiting Fellows eligible for College accommodation?

    Yes.  However, the College normally requires at least six months notice if accommodation is required.
  • Is there a minimum term for a Visiting Fellow?

    It is unusual to elect Fellows for periods of less than three months.
  • Are there any associated College duties for Visiting Fellows?

    There are no special duties, but the Governing Body naturally hopes that Fellows will take part in College activities.
  • Are Visiting Fellows entitled to free meals?

    Fellows are entitled to twenty free meals per calendar month, funded out of College Trust Fund income. This is given as £210 of free tokens on the Fellow’s University card, using the Upay online system. The allowance covers normal lunches, suppers and dinners, but not College Feasts, which are charged at cost. Fellows can also use their allowance to pay for one other person. There is a drinks charge for all attendees at Formal Dinners; this covers wine and a range of soft drinks. The meals allowance does not cover the drinks charge and Visiting Fellows and students must upload sufficient credit before attending the dinner.
  • Can membership privileges be shared between academic couples?

    Since there is a restricted complement of Visiting Fellows it is often the case that only one partner of an academic pair is elected as a Fellow, but membership privileges are shared, and both are treated as academic visitors.
  • Are there any other financial considerations when applying as a Visiting Fellow?

    When considering whether to apply, you are advised to assess the financial implications carefully. In addition to rent and other charges related to your accommodation, Visiting Fellows are liable for an establishment charge which helps to defray the cost of providing College services and facilities; this is revised each October and will be charged at the rate of £175 per month for the 2021/22 academic year.  A charge is also made for (optional) membership of the College Sports Centre. Corporate Visiting Fellows costs start from £2,275 per month for a one-person flat and meal allowance.

If you have further questions or require more information, please contact the College Registrar.

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