Why study at Clare Hall

Clare Hall is Distinctive

One of only two wholly graduate colleges in Cambridge, it is also the smallest with total student numbers around 200. This makes it an ideal community in which to quickly feel at home and where social and intellectual mixing can take place in an informal and friendly setting.  Our members make up an integrated academic community which promotes a culturally rich and intellectually diverse environment for advanced study.  Many senior visitors, like many of the graduate students, are from overseas, thus adding a stimulating international dimension to life in the College.

Clare Hall is a Community

Many graduate students prefer to be in a more mature community with facilities and support tailored specifically to their needs. Clare Hall offers a community that functions all year round, with accommodation available in vacations as well as term time and catering provision throughout the year. Fellows, Visiting Fellows and graduate students regularly mix at lunch, dinner and frequent informal gatherings, seminars and talks. Art and music are widely appreciated within the College, which hosts regular exhibitions and musical performances to which all are welcome.

Clare Hall Cares

The tutorial system at Clare Hall is specifically geared to meet the needs of its graduate students, and we have a wealth of experience in dealing with the wide range of pastoral, financial and emotional issues that advanced study can bring. Each student is allocated a personal tutor who meets with them on a regular basis, both individually and in groups. Academic support is also available for students as needed, including highly valued workshops on writing English for academic purposes such as MPhil/PhD theses and academic papers.

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