Sir Philip Campbell

Editor, Nature.


Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes

Subject: Visual anthropology

Department/institution: Department of Social Anthropology; affiliated scholar and guest lecturer, Centre of South Asian Studies; member of the Cambridge Digital Humanities Network.

Contact details: amm230@cam.ac.uk 

Research interests:

Professor Frances Spalding

Subject: Art history​

Contact details: fs454@cam.ac.uk ​

Research Interests

Professor Emilio Artacho

Subject: Theory of condensed matter

Department/institution: Cavendish Laboratory

Contact details: ea245@cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Dr Ivan Jankovic



Jon Pither





Professor David Cope


Former director - Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology

Contact details: 


Dr Huiyi Wu

Subject: History of  Sino-European cultural and scientific contact through Jesuits (16-18th century)

Department/institution:  Needham Research Institute (NRI), Cambridge; Centre d’études sur la Chine modern et Contemporaine (CECMC) of EHESS, Paris.

Contact details: Huiyi.Wu@nri.cam.ac.uk

Research overview:

Professor Maria G Spillantini


Molecular neuropathology of Alzheimer's disease.


Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Contact details: mgs11@cam.ac.uk​


Professor Charles G Smith


Low dimensional semiconductor physics


Cavendish Laboratory​

Contact details: 

cgs4@cam.ac.uk  ​