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GSB Committee

The Graduate Student Body Committee (GSB) is elected to represent student interests throughout the College and the wider University, as well as arranging regular social and sports events. 

The GSB Committee pictured in spring 2022

The GSB Committee is a great way to be actively involved in College organisation, meet new people and promote students’ wellbeing. All graduate students at Clare Hall are automatically members of the Graduate Student Body (GSB) itself.

Constitution of the Clare Hall Graduate Student Body

Clare Hall Students Facebook group

GSB Instagram page

How are they elected?

Current officers

President: Adham El-Shazly
Vice-President: Thajaswini Coimbatore Balasubramanian
Treasurer: Nadiah Thanthawi Jauhari
Secretary: Diana Voicu
Social Officers: Joséphine Canard-Duchene; Lauren Adams; Lodovica Bruggi
External Officers: Alexander Goodacre; Daniel Rincón Machón; Ghanshyam Hirani; Kyra Ungerleider
Green Officers: Andrew McDonald; Sarah Gough
Sports Officer: Martin Baur
Arts and Music Officers: Snezhana Shevchenko; Eleanor Ryan
Equalities Officers: Lydia Chen; Aparna Raju
Welfare Officer: Ashley Hope
Fellow-Student Interaction Officers: Sherin Tan; Esdras Paravizo

Highlights from 2021/22

As a former GSB President, the potential of Clare Hall to enable change, but still feel familiar, never ceases to amaze me. I have found it the perfect space to look at how communities are created and mediated, a college that inspired my research and made it possible for me to meet an exceptional network of friends and peers.
PhD student in Archaeology, Clare Hall
Clare Hall is like home to me. I enjoy rowing, lectures, music, the food, the bar, and my loving housemates in the Michael Stoker Building. Being in a small but welcoming college has helped me to meet more people and get to know them well.
MPhil student in Development Studies, Clare Hall; Social Officer on the GSB, 2021/22