Professor Barbara J Sahakian

Subject: Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience; clinical and veterinary neuroscience

Department/institutions: Department of Psychiatry

Contact details: bjs1001@medschl.cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Professor Richard McMahon


Astronomy and Astrophysics: Observational Cosmology and formation and evolution of Galaxies and Quasars.


Institute of Astronomy

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Professor Athanassios S Fokas


Applied Mathematics, integrable systems, the mathematics of medical imaging.


Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

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Professor Andrew Blake

Subject: Computer Science

Department/institution: Artificial Intelligence Consultant. Chair, Samsung AI Centre, Cambridge.

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Research interests:

Andrew Blake, PhD, FREng, FRS, is a pioneer in the development of the theory and algorithms that make it possible for computers to behave as seeing machines. His interests are primarily in image processing and segmentation as optimisation, on visual tracking as probabilistic inference, and on real-time, 3D vision.

Dr Tony Street

Subject: Medieval Islamic studies

Department/institution: Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge

Contact details: ads46@cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Dr Menelas (Mene) Pangalos

Subject: Neuroscientist, drug discovery and clinical development


Contact details: mene.pangalos@astrazeneca.com

Research interests:

Dr Sohini Kar-Narayan

Subject: Exploring and exploiting the electrocaloric effect in novel ferroelectric materials for cooling applications

Department/institution: Department of Materials Science

Contact details: sk568@cam.ac.uk 



Dr Robert Carlyon

Subject: Psychology of hearing.


Cognition & Brain Sciences  Unit

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Joanna Womack

Contact details: jmw1015@cam.ac.uk

Joanna is a qualified solicitor and worked briefly in company and commercial law in London before returning to Cambridge. She was a College Lecturer in Law at New Hall from 1975-1983 and Bursar of New Hall from 1983-1990. Following a stint as Bursar of Trinity Hall from 1990-1993, she was appointed Treasurer, University of Cambridge, and served in that role for ten years, remaining a Fellow of Trinity Hall until 2003, when she was elected Bursar and Fellow of Clare Hall.

Dr Bobbie S Wells

Subject: British social history; women war artists.

Contact details: rsw13@hermes.cam.ac.uk ​