Dr Murray J Stewart

Subject: Molecular biology; cell division and cytoskeletons

Department/institution: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Contact details: ms651@cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Professor John S Parker


Plant genetics and the history of evolution.


Department of History and Philosophy of Science

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Research interests:

Professor John S Parker has been the Director of the Botanic Garden since 1996. He studied botany at Oxford where he also researched for his doctorate on plant chromosomes and natural populations. 

Professor Julius J Lipner

Subject: The comparative study of religion and Hindu culture, theology and philosophy with special reference to the relationship between Britain and India in nineteenth century Bengal

Contact details: jjl1000@cam.ac.uk 

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Dr Christopher W Hope

Subject: Energy and the environment

Department/institution: Judge Business School

Contact details: c.hope@jbs.cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Moira Gardiner



Professor Stefan Collini

Subject: Intellectual history and English literature

Department/institution: Faculty of English

Contact details: sc107@cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Professor David A Brading

Subject: Latin American history

Research interests:

Michael H Black

Subject: Early fiction of D.H. Lawrence.

Research interests:

Michael H. Black, MA, is a British author and held the position of university publisher at Cambridge University Press.


Professor Michael F Ashby

Subject: The mechanical behaviour of materials; particularly metals, ceramics and ice

Contact details: mfa2@eng.cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Ali Smith