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Clare Hall art borrowing request form

The Art Collection at Clare Hall has from its origin been formed as a loan collection for the use of Fellows, Visiting Fellows, postgraduates and staff, who can borrow works for their rooms and offices. The Catalogue, in three volumes, is kept in the Porters’ Lodge. Please ask to view the catalogue – this can be carried out in the Common Room. Via this request form, make a note of the artist’s name and the title of the work (if it has one), its CHAC number and its location. The Art Committee will then arrange for the work or works chosen – there is a maximum of three – to be brought to the Porters’ Lodge. Once a member of the Committee has approved their condition, you can arrange to meet with them at the Porters’ Lodge, so that you can view the work(s) and assess your request to see if you wish to proceed. If you do, you can then fill in the collection form. For any queries, please email