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In order to book meeting rooms, pool and gym slots, College Members are asked to sign up for a Booker account. Once you have registered via the form below, you will have access to an account via Booker’s website and be able to view and book rooms and facilities anytime.

When using Booker to request venues for events, please use the Description Box to provide details of the event lead (e.g.: Joe Smith, and any other useful notes for staff reviewing these bookings. At the very least, the organiser’s main contact details are appreciated.

For any queries on this, please email our Operations Administrator.

Booker registration form

Booker is a system widely in use by the University of Cambridge, through which you will find details of all available College spaces, grouped geographically and by type, with information on their capacity, potential layouts, and crucially their availability, all in an easily understood visual format. All Clare Hall members are eligible for a Booker account under their name and email address (please select one you check regularly, and will continue to have access to after leaving the University). This ‘name-linked’ account will provide ‘Room Requester’ access rights, allowing any member to place a booking for College spaces subject to availability and/or time restrictions. Certain areas will be automatically approved, while others will require approval from an administrator. To apply for account creation, please complete and submit the following form.

Please state the email address you wish to use to login to the Booker system.
Clare Hall affiliation(Required)
E.g. ab123
Will you be using the gym/pool?(Required)