The College

We are a graduate college renowned for its informal approach to college life and international diversity. The President, Fellows, Visiting Fellows and graduate students together make up an integrated academic society that is not constrained by hierarchy and is consequently a culturally rich and intellectually diverse environment for advanced study.

A British architect and long-time resident of Sweden, Ralph Erskine was enlisted to build a resolutely modern community within Cambridge’s history-rich landscape. Erskine's Clare Hall buildings form a skyline of striking triangular profiles, not overwhelming the environment but rather inscribing nature into residents' daily lives.

The College sits in peaceful surroundings to the west of Cambridge, just off Herschel Road, consisting of two sites, the main college buildings and West Court.

Our sister college is St. Cross College, Oxford.

The main site

The College dining room is located on the main site providing three-course meals daily as well as Formal Hall for members every week. The angled wooden ceilings allow it to serve as an intimate concert hall with excellent acoustics, attesting to a keen interest in music among the founders. Also, there is a coffee lounge, reading room, meeting room and bar.   

The Ashby Library, named after Eric Ashby, Master of Clare College, represents in part the intellectual heritage of the College with just over two thousand books mainly donated by past and present members. A short distance across the road stands the venerable Cambridge University Library. For graduate students, the Anthony Low Building provides a relaxing social environment with a varied mix of events held throughout the year.  

West Court

Once the Cambridge home of Lord Rothschild our West Court site now accommodates Visiting Fellows and graduate students. There are two meeting/symposium rooms and a dining room for private functions. Members can take the short walk from our main site to also enjoy an indoor swimming pool and gym. The stunning College grounds and modernist architecture provide a relaxed and informal ‘place to think’ for the close-knit community of Fellows, students and Life Members.