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Elizabeth Barsotti

College positions:
Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher
Neurobiology and Engineering
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Contact details:

Dr Elizabeth Barsotti

Dr Barsotti is a Career Development Fellow in neurobiology at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology; a Visiting Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience; and an Affiliated Postdoc at Clare Hall.

Her PhD is in petroleum engineering from the University of Wyoming, where she invented and patented an apparatus for studying fluid flow and phase behavior in nanoporous media. After her PhD, Dr. Barsotti taught herself neuroscience and moved to Cambridge where she designs and builds electron microscope robots for use in whole-brain connectomics at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Dr. Barsotti is passionate about engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, climate change, leadership, and business. She is actively seeking opportunities to contribute to the university and community in these areas. For example, she recently worked with ThinkLab to lead over 40 stakeholders throughout the UK and abroad in developing governance, funding, and membership frameworks for a proposed Centre for Colonial Research. She is a tutor for Human-AI Interaction for Cambridge Advance Online. She serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Petroleum Technology, the flagship magazine for the oil and gas industry. She supervises Thermofluid Mechanics for Corpus Christi. And she is working with the Wilberforce Society to write a policy paper on sustainable development.

In her free time, she likes cycling, running, hiking, and baking!

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Select Awards

  • Henry Royce Researcher Equipment Access Scheme (2023)
    Awarding Body: Henry Royce Institute
    Grant awarded to provide funding for the development of a new polymer substrate for three-dimensional transmission electron microscopy
  • Technical Reviewer Outstanding Service Award (2021)
    Awarding Body: Society of Petroleum Engineers
    International recognition for excellence as a Technical Reviewer of SPE’s peer-reviewed journals. Only 0.1% of SPE’s 150,000+ members worldwide ever receive this award.
  • 1st Place: SPE International Student Paper Contest (2019)
    Awarding Body: Society of Petroleum Engineers
    The Society of Petroleum Engineers has over 72,000 student members from more than 368 student chapters worldwide. Based on their geographic locations, the student chapters are broken into 14 regions. In the international contest, 14 winners from regional paper contests compete for the world championship. Winning the international contest is the most prestigious honor available for petroleum engineering students.
  • Best Overall Paper: Society of Core Analysts Annual Symposium (2019)
    Awarding Body: Society of Core Analysts
    Voted 1st out of 36 papers presented at the society’s international symposium.

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