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Subhanita Ghosh

College positions:
Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Dr Subhanita Ghosh

Dr Subhanita Ghosh, has embarked on a passionate journey through the intricate realms of epigenetics and cancer that has been nothing short of exhilarating.

Currently, she is exploring the epigenetic landscapes as a postdoctoral research associate at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, where she is on a quest to unravel the mechanistic insights behind detectable and regulated epigenetic changes in brain cancer. Her work focuses on the spatio-temporal transitions within the stages of glioblastoma, with a specific emphasis on the pivotal role of DNA methylation patterns in cancer patients.

Dr Ghosh’s academic journey commenced with a Ph.D. earned at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, where she spearheaded the development of a pioneering therapeutic strategy against hepatocellular carcinoma, underscoring her unwavering commitment to combating cancer through innovative means.

During her tenure at the MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences at Imperial College London, her research delved into the independent evolution of underlying DNA sequence features, which profoundly shapes the genome architecture. She explored the pivotal role of nucleosomes in governing epigenetic regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes.

Before her journey to the University of Cambridge, Dr Ghosh’s academic path took her to esteemed institutions such as Queen Mary University of London, UK and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA. These experiences have broadened her expertise and provided her with diverse perspectives, strengthening her resolve to decode the intricate world of epigenetics and cancer biology.

Select publications

  • Lampersberger, Lisa, Francesca Conte*, Subhanita Ghosh*, Yutong Xiao*, Jonathan Price*, David Jordan, David Q. Matus et al. “Loss of the E3 ubiquitin ligases UBR-5 or HECD-1 restores Caenorhabditis elegans development in the absence of SWI/SNF function.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120, no. 5 (2023): e2217992120.
  • Hagen, Jana, Subhanita Ghosh, Peter Sarkies, and Murray E. Selkirk. “Gene editing in the nematode parasite Nippostrongylus brasiliensis using extracellular vesicles to deliver active Cas9/guide RNA complexes.” Frontiers in Parasitology 2 (2023): 1071738.
  • Beltran, Toni, Elena Pahita, Subhanita Ghosh, Boris Lenhard, and Peter Sarkies. “Integrator is recruited to promoter‐proximally paused RNA Pol II to generate Caenorhabditis elegans piRNA precursors.” The EMBO journal 40, no. 5 (2021): e105564.
  • Tsuji, Junko, Travis Thomson, Christine Brown, Subhanita Ghosh, William E. Theurkauf, Zhiping Weng, and Lawrence M. Schwartz. “Somatic piRNAs and transposons are differentially expressed coincident with skeletal muscle atrophy and programmed cell death.” Frontiers in Genetics 12 (2021): 775369.
  • Ghosh, Subhanita, Abhinav Kaushik, Sachin Khurana, Aditi Varshney, Avishek Kumar Singh, Pradeep Dahiya, Jitendra K. Thakur et al. “An RNAi-based high-throughput screening assay to identify small molecule inhibitors of hepatitis B virus replication.” Journal of Biological Chemistry 292, no. 30 (2017): 12577-12588.
  • Ghosh, Subhanita, Gatikrushna Singh, Bindiya Sachdev, Ajit Kumar, Pawan Malhotra, Sunil K. Mukherjee, and Raj K. Bhatnagar. “RNAi screening in Spodoptera frugiperda.” High-Throughput RNAi Screening: Methods and Protocols (2016): 199-212.
  • Ghosh, Subhanita, Pavan Kumar Kakumani, Ajit Kumar, Pawan Malhotra, Sunil K. Mukherjee, and Raj K. Bhatnagar. “Genome wide screening of RNAi factors of Sf21 cells reveal several novel pathway associated proteins.” BMC genomics 15 (2014): 1-23.

Select Awards

  • 2022 – “Global Talent Fellow” endorsed by the Royal Society, UK
  • 2021 – “Outstanding award” under the Special Awards Scheme MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences, UK
  • 2013 – EMBL corporate partnership travel award, EMBL, Germany
  • 2013 – Department of Biotechnology, International travel award, India