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Sherin Tan

College positions:
GSB Fellow-Student Interaction Officer
Clare Hall Graduate Student Body Committee
Sherin Tan is a Fellow-Student Interaction Officer for the Graduate Student Body Committee (GSB) 2022/23.

Sherin is reading for a Master of Finance (MFin) degree at Judge Business School. Her medium- and long-term professional goal is to leverage Finance as a key force for the achievement of UNSDGs and beyond. She tries to embed respect, compassion, and inclusion as much as possible in every interaction she engages in.

Having lived in London for three years, Sherin has fallen in love with the theatre scene. The top musical show on her list is Hamilton because Mr Alexander Hamilton was the first US treasurer who set up its central banking system – a legacy that has built the nation from scratch. Inspired by Mr Hamilton’s dedication, she hopes to enhance the quality of Fellow-Student interactions through the GSB role. She is happy to take any feedback or ideas from the GSB members and looks forward to meeting them in due course.

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