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‘Cycles of influence: art shaping art’, an exhibition of paintings by Tess Recordon

Date: Thursday 28 September – Thursday 16 November 2023
Location: Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge CB3 9AL

On the 28th of September, we welcome an exhibition of paintings from Tess Recordon. The exhibition remains open for public viewing from 10am-5pm, seven days a week, until the 16th of November 2023.

The Valley 76x101cm Oil on canvas

About the artist

Tess Recordon is a painter who studied Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art (now part of the University of the Arts London) and has been working as a painter since graduating in 1991. She is represented by galleries and agents in Cambridge, London, and Cornwall. Her work often features contemporary landscape oil paintings that are inspired by the unexpected drama and beauty of places she has visited. She has worked on a large scale for many of her paintings.

Tess has travelled around the world absorbing impressions of the land and art work she admires. Back home she allows the pouring of paint to operate as an encounter with those influences in memory. As the image emerges it echoes the landscape back to her until she is satisfied that it has fully spoken.

This open approach to the creative process is a marker of her work. The paintings are an allusion to the experience of these landscapes accessed through memory. Tess works intuitively using a pouring technique that is inherently open and fluid.  She stops when she recognises that the work is complete and achieves the impression she remembers.

She is not consciously influenced by any specific artist or movement but feels that she is responding to many cultural influences around her in arriving at her works especially recent visits to New York, Norway and France.

Each work embodies the essence of the place that inspired it which is noted in the titles. She invites the viewer to embark on a journey into landscape, bringing their own memories evoked by the works. Layers of colour cross and vibrate, leading the eye into the painting and another world, calling to the viewer to dream and reminisce.

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