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Internal Event Booking Form

Completion of this form means you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions below regarding internal event bookings: The event organiser (i.e. the named person making this booking) agrees as a condition of submitting this form to notify the College if any of the details above change. As a result, the College reserves the right to review its decision on allowing an event to proceed if any of the information provided on this form changes. We need to receive your booking form, and any changes to this booking form, 14 working days prior to the date that you are enquiring about. Final numbers and dietary requirements for any bookings that include catering are to be confirmed 7 working days prior to the event. Cancellations made less than 2 working days prior to the booking date will incur a charge. The event organiser (or a named representative) will be present throughout the event. The College also reserves the right to cancel the event, without notice, in the event of an emergency. The person completing the form agrees to the prices and charges for the booking as detailed below. They understand that any additional items requested that are not listed on this form will be charged separately.

Event details

Start and end time please.
If the event is being Zoomed, please include this here.
This may be utilised in any website or social media content.
Room and resources requirements:(Required)
Please tick the resources you wish to book.
Room layout required:
Have you booked the room(s) on Booker?(Required)
If not, please go to to do so.
Additional requirements:
If yes, please give details, including timings.
Format of event:
Subject matter of event:
Is this event open to the public?
If you would like Clare Hall to share publicity of this event, please confirm via which platforms:


For self-catering events, a self-catering waiver must be completed. This is provided by the Events team. It requires a minimum of seven days’ notice and must be approved by the Domestic Bursar. A set menu and wine list are provided by Clare Hall for the entire group. A choice of menus cannot be provided for formal meals except for vegetarian or other special dietary requirements. A wine list is available on request if required. Contact for further details.
Catering requirements:
If required, please indicate how this event will be paid for:
Please use the space provided to include any additional information (for example, use of green rooms, drinks reception in the President’s Lodge after a concert, etc).