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Art Exhibition of Cambridge Artist Oliver Soskice inaugurated at Clare Hall

13 June 2023 College life

On the 8th of June a new exhibition of paintings by the Cambridge artist Oliver Soskice went on show. A deep experience of landscape lies behind these paintings as well as a sophisticated understanding of abstraction. All the works on show were produced over the last ten years. The exhibition can be found in the internal courtyard and in the common room of the main building. It runs until 20 July 2023. 

“These paintings draw on my familiarity with the landscapes of Cambridgeshire, with their long horizons and stately cloud formations,” Oliver Soskice writes. “They are abstract in the sense of being distilled from the visible world. My exhibition also includes a selection of still lifes that take simple things for subject matter – wine bottles, jugs, apples and shells. There is a long tradition of finding a rare beauty in things to be found in the ordinary run of life.”

The Exhibition is now open for everyone to visit! (Photographs by Jeremy Peters Photography, all rights reserved).