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‘Having a supportive Tutor and housemates I could turn to during difficult times made me realise that in Clare Hall we are a family’

27 July 2021 Blog

Several Clare Hallers kindly shared insights into their research and personal reflections on the College for a mini yearbook this month. Here are some highlights…


‘My MPhil research aims to highlight the importance of adopting multi-disciplinary approaches to address biodiversity conservation challenges. The project I am currently working on evaluates the effectiveness of art practices in ecological restoration. My long-term goal is to integrate research, outreach and conservation and bring together Art and Ecology in order to create strong linkages between rural livelihoods and biodiversity conservation in India.

Clare Hall for me was perfect in every sense. The beautiful garden in West Court helped me deal with pandemic-related restrictions with much ease. As an international student I always felt welcomed thanks to the friendly staff — especially the Porters. The small community, good food, music events and my caring housemates at Salje Building made my stay enjoyable during a difficult year.’


‘In my MPhil this year I specialised in the numerical simulation of plasma inside a tokamak reactor. The multi-material methodology developed is capable of capturing normal operating conditions at low speeds, as well as violent plasma instabilities at high Mach numbers. I hope my work eventually helps to alleviate the energy crisis by furthering fusion energy.

I am grateful to have been part of Clare Hall, with its lovely community, green and quiet spots, excellent food, and the most enjoyable Boat Club — to name a few of my highlights.’


‘I am originally from Cameroon and my PhD research is focused on primary healthcare delivery models in conflict-affected settings of Cameroon and Nigeria. I hope to contribute towards influencing policy in humanitarian health programming to improve on the quality of health services provided to populations affected by humanitarian crises.

Being part of Clare Hall has lightened up those dark moments I had during lockdown. Having a supportive Tutor and housemates I could turn to during difficult times made me realise that in Clare Hall we are a family.’


‘I am currently pursuing an LLM degree with specialisation in International Law. After completing this degree, I will study for a Master’s in International Human Rights. I intend to use my acquired knowledge and skills from this course and my LLM degree to lead my recently established Foundation in India — the primary objectives of which are to ensure elementary education to the children; generate employment opportunities for marginalised groups; and represent the vulnerable section of society to secure justice.

I can talk for England about Clare Hall but, to encapsulate my stay in few words, I would say that it is has been the epitome of an embracing environment and enjoyable social engagements. It provided me the perfect mix of individual space with secure community involvement. The tranquillity of open meadows surrounded by rows of lush trees is a sight which will be etched in my mind forever. I will always cherish the enlightening lectures amidst the affable weather and the finest British architecture.’


‘I’ve been wrestling with the question of how we can make the technological revolution sweeping our world work for us in a way that leverages our strengths, protects our civil liberties and unleashes opportunity. I’m an avid reader of history and international relations, and am keen to connect my interest in this area with the role of emerging technologies in shaping the international political landscape.

The notion that Clare Hall is ‘a place to think’ is more than a motto. For me, life is about asking the right questions, and surrounded by the beauty of the Fellows’ Garden I have found no better environment conducive to thinking about them during my MPhil.’