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PhD Candidate Lundi-Anne Omam publishes systematic review in Conflict and Health journal

19 July 2023 Students

Lundi-Anne Omam is final year PhD candidate at Clare Hall. Her article explores primary healthcare delivery models in conflict settings of Africa.

The article is a systematic review that synthesises evidence on current practices by humanitarian organizations and ministries of health, identifies gaps in service delivery at primary health care level in fragile contexts and makes recommendations for research and practice.

Conducting a systematic review on primary health care delivery models in conflict settings of Africa was a crucial step in understanding the humanitarian service delivery landscape and delineating unexplored aspects of models of care. This meticulous and thought-provoking systematic review facilitated an enriching expansion of knowledge concerning the evidence on delivery models including service offered, human resources used, cost of services, accessibility to services and challenges. The need for careful considerations on how and when to use any model of care was raised in this study. We also highlight the need for the humanitarian mapping system to include a “6th W” to the already existing “5 Ws” mapping matrix.

-Lundi-Anne Omam

Lundi-Anne is studying a PhD in Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge and her research interest is in primary health care in conflict-affected settings of Cameroon and Nigeria. She is a Public Health professional with over 15 years of experience developing, managing and coordinating public health interventions in hard-to-reach, post-conflict and conflict-affected communities.

The full article can be found here. We wish Lundi-Anne all the best with her studies and future endeavours.