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Clare Hall welcomes a new Gates Cambridge Scholar

19 May 2023 Students

Clare Hall is delighted to welcome Cory Aitchison, a Gates Cambridge Scholar to join the community of Scholars in 2023. The Gates Cambridge scholarship programme is the University of Cambridge’s flagship international postgraduate scholarship programme established in the year 2000.

Cory will be pursuing his PhD in Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics. He says, “I was first exposed to the quantum world during my time in Sydney, Australia, where I completed my BSc in physics and statistics. Combining the fields of quantum error correction with theoretical condensed matter physics, my undergraduate thesis investigated problems such as how to safely store quantum information for longer periods of time. Questions such as these will not only be crucial for the future success of commercial quantum computing, but also help us better understand the quantum world itself. As a research community, we are on the brink of realising controllable, scalable quantum systems for the first time – giving us the unprecedented ability to test and improve upon ideas across quantum theory. I am excited to continue exploring these areas through a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge, drawing upon ideas from both quantum information and condensed matter physics. As a Gates Cambridge Scholar, I am honoured to join such a diverse and collaborative academic community, through which I aim to continue embracing this interdisciplinary approach to my studies and future research.”

We extend our whole-hearted congratulations to Cory and look forward to supporting him in all his academic endeavors and be a part of his journey as a PhD student in Cambridge.