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Giving to Clare Hall this Holiday Season

11 December 2023 College life

Our warmest holiday wishes to all of our Life Members all over the world, and a huge thank you for your continued generosity and support of Clare Hall.

For the 2023-24 academic year, the College has never been larger. We have recruited more postgraduate students than ever before, with many of them having listed Clare Hall as their first choice of college in Cambridge. To continue this upward trajectory of growth, we would be most grateful for your support in three crucial areas: our Ralph Erskine Building Restoration Fund, our President’s Fund, and our Music Fund.

Whichever area of need you choose to support will make a tremendous difference to the College in achieving its aims. Your participation today—at whatever level is meaningful to you—makes a significant difference and is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your continued commitment to Clare Hall, and for being a vital part of our world-wide community!

Donate here

The Ralph Erskine Building Restoration Fund

We aim to transform the College to be more conducive to research and study, beautiful and fit for purpose and, ultimately, to preserve this historical estate for current and future generations.

We are working towards completing Ralph Erskine’s buildings to his original vision, embodying true 1960s Scandinavian style and elegance, as well as resolving pre-existing issues. Your donation to this fund will support the creation of a refurbishment strategy with plans and specifications by leading conservation architects, engineers, energy specialists and acousticians in preparation for the restoration.

The President’s Fund

The President’s Fund provides support to the College for one-off needs as they arise, such as covering costs for student trips and other learning opportunities. This Fund helps to strengthen Clare Hall’s reputation as an excellent graduate College for advanced study in Cambridge.

The Clare Hall Music Fund

We strive to offer our students a holistic education and vibrant cultural experience. We strongly believe that music plays a vital role in personal and intellectual development. From fostering creativity to enhancing critical thinking skills, music provides countless benefits that we want to extend to all our members.

We are indebted to Patrick Hemmerlé (Artistic Director of Intimate Engagements, Fellow Commoner and Musician-in-Residence) and our Music Committee for the excellent and truly memorable monthly concerts that they arrange at Clare Hall. Fourteen are already scheduled for the coming academic year. Your support will ensure that the College can arrange and host high-quality music concerts this year and for years to come.

Donor recognition: Those who make gifts towards these Funds will be listed in the gift list published within the next edition the Review magazine. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please kindly inform us at Donors will also be invited to our Garden Party in July 2024 to be thanked warmly by the President and Fellows in person. Significant gifts to the College will be given appropriate acknowledgement by the College.