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‘On the Chopping Block’ featured in Varsity

6 March 2024

Our current exhibition, ‘On the Chopping Block: cooks and other paintings by William Balthazar Rose’, has been featured in a review for the latest print edition of Varsity. The exhibition will be open for viewing until this Thursday 7 March in Clare Hall, extended by an extra week owing to student interest.

Lucy Ansell writes, “By showing behind the scenes stills of the chefs, Rose creates a painted space to ask the intimate query: who provides for the provider? With burnout, mental fatigue and the absence of a reading week being a common experience at our university, perhaps this will resonate with you. Rose’s exhibition prompted its audience to introspectively examine how we as students can balance creation, livelihood, and the demands of our degrees into a hectic 8 week term. Like these cooks, sometimes I think, can we ever have our cake and eat it too?”

The exhibition has drawn in many visitors to Clare Hall, who have greatly admired and pondered the symbolism behind Rose’s chefs. The full Varsity review can be found here: