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PhD student Emilija Jovanovic wins Medicine for Generations Award

14 June 2024 Students

Clare Hall PhD student Emilija Jovanovic joined the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute in October 2022, researching how cholangiocytes, the cells that line tubes that drain bile from the liver, respond to injury. Understanding how bile duct cells respond to injury is crucial for developing new therapies for biliary disorders, as they are a leading cause of liver failure with limited treatment options.

Emilija was recently recognised for her continued dedication to science through the Medicine for Generations Award, given to the best 5 Serbian students of medicine at leading universities in the world. The award was established in memory of Danish scientist and Nobel prize laureate August Krogh by the Novo Nordisk, Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovations of Serbia, and the Embassy of Denmark.

“I am truly grateful for this recognition as it comes from my home country and I would be more than happy to bring new knowledge and technology back to Serbia and make a positive impact on Serbian scientific community one day,” Emilija said. “This award also gave me the opportunity to meet other young scientists who I share passion for science and this award with.”

Our warmest congratulations to Emilija, and we wish her all the best with future endeavours!