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President Alan Short elected to the University Council

5 July 2024 Fellows

President Alan Short has been elected to the University Council as the Head of House recently elected as Deputy Chair of the Colleges’ Committee until October 2026. Thereafter he will be nominated for re-election to Council as the Head of House elected as Chair of the Colleges’ Committee, succeeding the Master of St. John’s. By convention the elections are not contested by other Heads.

The University Council is the principal executive and policy-making body of the University. It has overall responsibility for the administration of the University, for defining its mission, for planning its work and for the management of its resources. It has the power to take such action as is necessary to discharge these responsibilities and, in carrying out its functions, consults the Regent House on questions of both decisions and policy.

The Council oversees relations between the University and both Colleges and outside bodies on many matters (other than those relating directly to the education and research programmes of the University, which are dealt with by the General Board). In carrying out its business, the Co​​uncil is advised by an underpinning committee structure and is responsible for the appointment or nomination of certain members of various committees and for many student matters.