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This Cambridge Life: Dr Tobias Baldauf profiled by the University

18 February 2021 Fellows

Dr Tobias Baldauf, a Research Fellow and Tutor here at Clare Hall, has been profiled in the University’s ‘This Cambridge Life’ blog series.

Dr Baldauf is a member of the Relativity and Gravitation Group and the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics here at Cambridge.

In the blog, Dr Baldauf discusses his research areas, methodology and interests, and also reflects on his passion for photography, which many Clare Hall members will have noticed across the College’s website and social media. 

He also reflects on the impact of the pandemic on our way of life, sharing:
‘Obviously, the lockdown also caused serious economical and mental health problems – I encounter the consequences of these in my role as a Graduate Tutor at Clare Hall. The College is doing a lot to support students during this difficult time, starting with Tutors like myself talking to the students about the problems they are facing. There is also College-based counselling available and financial help to support those going through economic hardship.’

Dr Baldauf’s research focuses on modelling the large-scale structure of the Universe and learning about the physics that shaped our Universe from current and upcoming galaxy surveys. He studies perturbative effective field theory approaches to matter and galaxy clustering in the Universe and their validation with supercomputer simulations of the cosmic density fields.

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