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Festival of Wellbeing: College staff to present mindfulness sessions

10 June 2022 College life

Members of Clare Hall staff are delighted to be presenting a Mindful Wander within the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Wellbeing, which is running from 27 June to 8 July this year. 

The Festival of Wellbeing is open to all staff in both the academic University and the colleges, and to students. The in-person Mindful Wander will be hosted by Clare Hall’s Communications Manager and HR Manager, who are inviting the University community to take in the sights, sounds and fragrances of the College’s green spaces this summertime. There is also a self-guided option, for which copies are available via our Porters’ Lodge now.

Mindfulness is about purposely paying attention in the present moment; noticing our surroundings and what we are doing, rather than being caught in thinking about the past or future.

Guided sessions

Our guided sessions will begin with mindful sculpture sketching (no art skills required whatsoever, as we’ll be drawing without looking at the paper). We’ll then explore the trees along Herschel Road, before heading over to West Court for a short guided meditation, after which participants will be free to roam our gardens.

Time slots (there are 4 sessions in total):
Monday 4 July from 12pm-1pm or 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 5 July from 12pm-1pm or 2pm-3pm

Please book via the Equality & Diversity website.

Detail on activities:
Practical matters:

Further details

If you are interested in the guided session but cannot make these dates, please email, as we may plan extra sessions in future.

For other queries, including regarding accessibility, please email Katrine Mackay via   

Explore the full Festival of Wellbeing programme via