Graduation Ceremony Update

All Congregation ceremonies after this month for the rest of this academic year are postponed. We will be back in contact as soon as we have any solid arrangements for new dates.

23 March 2020

A Message for our Life Members

From Dr Marie Janson, Development Director

The spread of Covid-19 has now gone global, including here in Cambridge. We want you to know how we are preparing to stay in touch. 

The College is taking all the actions it can to weather this storm, and for you as Life Members, this means the following.


You will still be able to contact us by email, and we will endeavour to reply quickly.  We are making preparations for all Development staff to have access to work remotely.  You can reach...

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17 March 2020

How Chronic Stress Changes the Brain by Sahakian, Langley and Kaser

An article published recently in The Conversation looks at Corona Virus stress, hoarding behaviour and the brain. Written by Clare Hall Fellow Professor Barbara Sahakian, Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr Christelle Langley and Clinical Lecturer Dr Muzaffer Kaser, it covers the impact that repeated stress can have on the brain and what we can do to overcome it. Read the article in full...

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16 March 2020

Professor Barbara Sahakian Receives Neuroscience Award

The College is proud to congratulate Professor Barbara Sahakian on receiving the British Association for Psychopharmacology Lifetime Achievement Award for her work on neuroscience.



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Cambridge Science Festival - Artificial Intelligence, the Human Brain and Neuroethics


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11 March 2020

The Spalding Lecture 2020

Report by David L Gosling, Life Member and former Spalding Fellow at Clare Hall

Dr Tang began her lecture by mentioning some of the traders and others who first explored parts of what became known as the Silk Road, which stretches from Mesopotamia to China. Historically the Silk Road facilitated not only trade but also the dissemination of several world religions, including Buddhism, Syriac Christianity and Manichaeism.

Around the first century of the Common Era (CE), Buddhism spread from northwest India via central Asia to China. It was characteristically...

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10 March 2020

Loewe Bursary Launch

On March 3, the College gave a reception to mark the launch of the Loewe Bursary for a Master’s student in the humanities, funded by members of the College to celebrate Michael Loewe’s more than fifty years as a Fellow. Michael spoke eloquently of what Clare Hall had meant for him and the President praised Michael’s contribution to scholarship in the humanities and outlined why the raising of funding for these students was so important.



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05 March 2020

Electric Vehicle Charging at Clare Hall

We are pleased to announce that a 22kWh electric vehicle charging point is now available for use by private electric vehicle owners, subject to registration with the College. The second charging point will continue to be reserved solely for the College maintenance van.

How to use the EV charging points

Users will initially have to register via an app and by sending an email with their name and mobile phone number to the Domestic Bursar, ...

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04 March 2020

Cambridge Science Festival - Artificial Intelligence, the Human Brain and Neuroethics

What excites you about Artificial Intelligence? Do you think it will bring major advances in health and social care? Are you looking forward to a driverless car or new games? Are there ethical and social issues in regard to AI that you think need to be considered by Society and the Government?

Chaired by Clare Hall Fellow Barbara Sahakian, co-author of the British Psychological Society award-winning Sex, Lies & Brain Scans, listen to and discuss AI with expert panellists: Tom Feilden of the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme; Fabio Cuzzolin Professor of Artificial...

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03 March 2020

Clare Hall Make Gains at Lent Bumps 2020

Despite difficult and windy conditions, the Clare Hall Boat Club had a successful 2020 Lent Bumps. With a +1 for the women’s crew and +/- 0 for the men’s, the club achieved an overall net gain at the competition.

Both our crews are now enjoying a well-deserved rest from rowing before the training starts for the club's 25th anniversary and the world-famous May Bumps.

Thank you to everyone who supported the crews and the College.


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03 March 2020

New Book Published by Research Fellow Dr Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz

Dr Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz has published her first book, Asian Place, Filipino Nation: A Global Intellectual History of the Philippine Revolution, 1887-1912 (Columbia University Press, June 2020). The book focuses on peripheral Southeast Asian Pan-Asianism and the emplotment of place in the global intellectual history of the Philippine Revolution.

Dr CuUnjieng Aboitiz is a Research Fellow...

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03 March 2020