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University sports

The University of Cambridge is recognised as much for its illustrious sporting tradition as it is for excellence in education, learning and research.

Over the past 150 years, the University has been home to some of the world’s greatest sports people – from Michael Atherton, to Emma Pooley, to a host of Olympians and Paralympians. This history translates into a vibrant sports scene in the University today. With 53 sports clubs and a range of sporting societies, the University is one of the country’s leading centres for student sport. Cambridge regularly places in the top 20 universities in the country in BUCS competition, and a range of scholarships for elite athletes are available.

Sport at Cambridge is supported by excellent facilities. The University Sports Service is committed to developing sport within the University and across Cambridgeshire.

Here are profiles of just a few Clare Hall students who’ve performed at the highest level of University sports here at Cambridge

Olivia Gaughran

Playing football for the University, living in a college house with ten other wonderful students, and challenging myself in a new country made me healthier and happier. Not least, my mental health and self-confidence improved significantly because of my experience here.

Julius Christopher Baeck

Matthew Neville

I was Co-President of the Cambridge University Ice Hockey Club (CUIHC) for two years, helping merge with the women’s Ice Hockey Club to form a single Joint Club which was awarded as the University of Cambridge Sport Club of the Year in 2022.

Troy Sestich

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