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Andreas Mørkved Hellenes

College positions:
Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher
Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Technology Management and Economics
Contact details:

Dr Andreas Mørkved Hellenes

Andreas Mørkved Hellenes is an affiliated postdoctoral researcher at Clare Hall College and a visiting scholar at the Faculty of History. He is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and holds a PhD in History from the same establishment (2019). He has also been a trainee at the Norwegian Mission to the European Union in Brussels and teaches at Sciences Po Paris and Chalmers University of Technology.

Dr Mørkved’s main research interests lie in the study of political, cultural, and economic entanglements between the Nordic region and the continent. His current research project is funded by the Swedish Research Council and analyses the ambitions and failures of a sustainable border-crossing transport system, planned to economically integrate Scandinavia into the European Union during the 1980s and 1990s, with comparative outlooks to contemporary projects elsewhere in Europe.

Select publications

  • Andreas Mørkved Hellenes & Carl Marklund, “The Diplomat and the Entrepreneur: Olof Aschberg – Converter of Capital, Trader in Trust”, Diplomatica, 5:2, 2023, 252-267.
  • Byron Rom-Jensen, Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, Mary Hilson & Carl Marklund, “Modelizing the Nordics: Transdiscursive Migrations of Nordic Models, c. 1965- 2020”, Scandinavian Journal of History, 48:2, 2023, 249-271.
  • Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, “Tracing the Nordic model. French creations, Swedish appropriations and Nordic articulations”, 83-101 in H. Byrkjeflot et al (eds.), The Making and Circulation of Nordic Models, Ideals and Images (London: Routledge, 2021).
  • Nikolas Glover & Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, “A ‘Swedish Offensive’ at the World’s Fairs: Advertising, Social Reformism and the Roots of Swedish Cultural Diplomacy, 1935–1939”, Contemporary European History, 30:2, 2021, 284-300.
  • Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, “Pilgrims and Missionaries of Social Peace: Geneva and Pontigny as Sites of Scandinavian Internationalism in Late Interwar Europe”, Nordic Journal of Educational History, 7:2, 2020, 5-29.

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