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Dieter R. Tetzner

College positions:
Research Fellow
British Antarctic Survey
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Dr. Dieter Tetzner

Dieter Tetzner is a Chilean Geologist with a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Cambridge, UK. His research focuses on the use of ice core records to reconstruct past environmental changes in polar and sub-polar regions. His approach combines traditional ice chemistry with the novel analysis of insoluble microparticles trapped in the ice to understand the evolution of climate. Throughout his career, he has conducted climate-related research projects in Antarctica and Patagonia and collaborated in climate-related research projects in the Arctic (e.g. Greenland, Svalbard) and high-mountain areas (e.g. Caucasus Mountains). In 2019, he was awarded a National Geographic Society grant and later, a Royal Geographical Society Fellowship to fund the CODICES project, a project aiming to drill the first ice cores from the remote Cordillera Darwin icefield. Dr. Tetzner is currently employed as a postdoctoral research associate at the British Antarctic Survey.

Select publications

  • Tetzner, D., Thomas, E.R., Allen, C., Wolff, E., Franzke, C.(2023): Timing of the recent migration and intensification of the Southern Hemisphere Westerly winds. In review.
  • Thomas, E.R., Tetzner, D. R., Rose, N., Roberts, S., Turner, S (2023). First evidence of industrial fly-ash in an Antarctic ice core. Scientific Reports.
  • Tetzner, D. R., Thomas, E. R., Allen, C. S., and Grieman, M. M. (2022) Regional validation of the use of diatoms in ice cores from the Antarctic Peninsula as a Southern Hemisphere Westerly Wind proxy, Climate of the Past.
  • Tetzner, D. R., Allen, C. S., and Thomas, E. R. (2022) Regional variability of diatoms in Ice cores from the Antarctic Peninsula and Ellsworth Land, Antarctica, The Cryosphere, 16, 779–798,,2022.
  • Tetzner, D. R., Thomas, E. R., Allen, C. S., & Piermattei, A. (2021). Evidence of recent active volcanism in the Balleny Islands (Antarctica) from ice core records. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126(23), e2021JD035095.
  • Tetzner D., Thomas E.R., Allen C.S. and Wolff E.W. (2021) A Refined Method to Analyze Insoluble Particulate Matter in Ice Cores, and Its Application to Diatom Sampling in the Antarctic Peninsula. Front. Earth Sci. 9:617043. doi: 10.3389/feart.2021.617043
  • Tetzner, D., Thomas, E., & Allen, C. (2019). A Validation of ERA5 Reanalysis Data in the Southern Antarctic Peninsula—Ellsworth Land Region, and Its Implications for Ice Core Studies.Geosciences,9(7),289.

Select Awards

  • 2022 – Walters Kundert Fellowship. Royal Geographical Society. Award to fund CODICES project
  • 2022 – PAGES2k Data stewardship scholarship for creating the CLIVASH2k ice core chemistry database
  • 2021-2024 – Best Chilean Antarctic ECR. Awarded by the Chilean Antarctic Survey (INACH)
  • 2019 – National Geographic Society Early Career Grant. Award to fund the CODICES project

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