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Georg Maierhofer

College positions:
Research Fellow
Applied Mathematics
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
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Dr Georg Maierhofer

Dr Georg Maierhofer is a Henslow Research Fellow at Clare Hall, his research interests lie in the broad field of numerical analysis for partial differential equations and applications of computational mathematics.

Dr Maierhofer completed his PhD degree as a research scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge, working on the design of efficient techniques in applied and computational analysis to solve wave scattering problems. He then spent two years working as a postdoctoral researcher and Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions at Sorbonne Université in Paris developing structure preserving low-regularity integrators for dispersive nonlinear partial differential equations.

His current research interests concern the design and rigorous study of modern tools for the approximation of partial differential equations. Computational methods underpin many of humanity’s greatest technological and scientific advances from weather forecasting to the simulation of noise processes in turbomachinery. Few of these achievements would be possible without algorithms that help approximate the behaviour of physical systems faithfully over long times, so-called structure-preserving numerical methods. One of the focus points of Dr Maierhofer’s ongoing research is centred around the study of questions in geometric numerical integration – in particular the behaviour of structure preserving algorithms when they are pushed to their limits (infinite-dimensional settings and rough solutions).

These interests are combined with applications of computational mathematics, for example in the simulation of extreme ocean waves, and the use of machine learning for the enhancement of classical methods from numerical analysis, for instance in meshing problems and the acceleration of classical solvers for time evolution partial differential equations.