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Hannele Seeck

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
Communication Sciences, Management and Organisation
LUT University, Department of Social Sciences, School of Engineering Sciences
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Professor Hannele Seeck

Hannele Seeck is a Professor of Communication Sciences and has published about 100 academic and professional publications on organisational studies, media and communications and critical management studies.

Professor Seeck has published about 100 academic and professional publications on organisational studies, media and communications and critical management studies. She has authored several books. Her recent publications include contributions to Organization, Media, Culture & Society, Management Learning and IJMR. Please see the list of publications for more information.

The research conducted, for example, at University of Cambridge, LSE and LUT—which is global, interdisciplinary and critical with the profound aim of making the world a better place to live—has always been vital to Professor Seeck because those are her underlying reasons for conducting research and being an academic in the first place. The UK university system has greatly influenced Prof. Seeck’s intellectual history. She completed her MSc, PhD and postdoc at The London School of Economics in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science and has previously served as a Senior Visiting Fellow (2010–2015) in the Department of Media and Communications, where she is currently a Visiting Professor. For the academic year 2023–2024, she received a renowned Fellowship to University of Cambridge/Clare Hall College.

Her research is mostly qualitative and deeply interdisciplinary, combining social theory, political science, history and organisational studies with media and communications research. Her research has a strong sociological twist and historical orientation. Prof. Seeck’s work reflects her interest in soft power, power relations and control mechanisms in the workplace and society at large, their historical development, new forms of materialisation and their interplay with subjectivity. Her research focuses on the global and local travel of ideas, ideologies and discourses, as well as on agency, power and governance.

Expertise: Organisational communications; Crisis communications; Soft Power; Ideology; Discourse; Propaganda; Foucault; Governmentality; Critical Management Studies. Current interests: ideology, propaganda & AI; Democracy, news & AI; soft power & South-Korea.

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In recent years, her academic papers (with coauthors) have been nominated by different academic divisions many times for the prestigious Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award at the Academy of Management, and her paper (with coauthors) also won the John F. Mee Award in 2021 at the Academy of Management. She has also received recognition from journals; for example, her coauthored paper was the most cited article in Organization for the past three years.

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