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Jin Sun

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
Central University of Finance and Economics
Contact details:

Professor Jin Sun

Jin Sun is a Professor and doctoral supervisor at the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), China, the Deputy Director General of the International Institute of Green Finance at CUFE, the Deputy Director of the Case Study Center and the International Cooperation Office of the School of International Economics and Trade, atbCUFE, the UCLA and QUT visiting scholar, and the United Nations & WTO International Trade Center coordinator for Trade Finance Department.

Prof. Sun’s research fields include green development, sustainable trade, supply chain finance, sustainable trade finance, trade policy and regional trade cooperation, with more than 50 published papers on SSCI and CSSCI as well as 9 books including “Sustainable trade finance”, “Research Report of Frontier World Economics”, etc.. Prof. Sun has hosted more than 10 research projects, among which is ” Greening the Finance of China’s Commodity Imports” supported by CISL, University of Cambridge. Besides, she also hosted “Research on the Impact of Regional Trade Agreement Depth on Product Quality of Chinese Enterprises” supported by National Science and Technology Foundation. Now she set up several database, such as “Global Green Trade Finance”, “China RTA provision depth”, “China Green Economy and Green GDP Index”, “International trade and investment risks Index”.

Jin was temporary deputy director of Bureau of Commerce in Changping District, Beijing from 2021 to 2022. She also taught classes, e.g. “China Economy in the World” and “Asian Investment and Trade” in Victoria University, Australia in 2019 and 2020. Jin obtained CISI (U.K.) Sustainable and Responsible Investment Certificate as well as National Customs Broker’s Certificate of China.

Select publications

  • Sun J., Luo Y.T. and Zhou Y.,“The Impact of Regional Trade Agreements on the Quality of Export Products in China’s Manufacturing Industry”,Journal of Asian Economics, SSCI 2022.09
  • Sun J. “Do Higher-Quality Regional Trade Agreements Improve the Quality of Export Products from China to ‘One-Belt One-Road’ Countries?, Asian Economic Journal,SSCI, 2021.06
  • Sumell A.J., Chiang E.P., Koch S., Mangeloja E., Sun J., and Wu J.P., “A Cultural Comparison of Mindfulness and Student Performance: Evidence from University Students in Five Countries”, International Review of Economics Education, SSCI, 2021.03
  • Sun J. and Hou. J “Monetary and Financial Cooperation Between China and the One Belt One Road Countries”, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, SSCI, 2019.09
  • Wang J.B., Ma Z.Y., Sun J., “Distance makes a difference: The role of water pollution regulation on firms’ innovation in China”, Journal of Cleaner Production, SSCI, forthcoming.
  • Sun J., Ding R. and Wang J.L. “Research Progress on Sustainable Trade” , Economic Dynamics, CSSCI, 2020.08
  • Gu X.M., Sun J. and Wei P.D. “The Connotation, Logic, and Prospects of the Development of Green Trade Financing in China” , International Trade, CSSCI, 2021.02
  • Sun J., Shi S.J. and Feng Y.Y. “The Economic Growth Effects of the Asia Pacific Regional Trade Agreement: A Comparative Study Based on the Quantity and Quality of RTAs”, Economic Theory and Economic Management, CSSCI, 2018.12

Select Awards

  • Third Prize in Paper Category of the Ministry of Commerce Business, China Development Research Achievement Award (February 2022).
  • Honorary Scholar Title of “Understanding China” at the Confucius Institute Headquarters (2020).
  • Third Prize in Paper Category of the Ministry of Commerce Business, China Development Research Achievement Award (June 2018).
  • Research report obtained written instructions and comments from Deputy Prime Minister of China (2020).