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Digital Humanities talk by Dr Anthony Harris

Date: Monday 13 February 2023, 5pm
Location: Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge CB3 9AL

‘Everything’ you want to know about the Digital Humanities but are afraid to ask

These days the term ‘Digital Humanities’ is used in various academic settings, but what exactly is it? In general, it can be explained as the use of any digital tools or resources to accomplish scholarly research outcomes in Humanities research. However, in more modern times it has also been used to refer (even) to the application of mathematics (including statistics, and probability) to Humanities datasets.

Led by Clare Hall Research Fellow and Tutor, Dr Anthony Harris, this session will look at a few examples of the Digital Humanities, including digital imaging, databases, websites, ‘coding’, and the use of spreadsheets for Humanities projects. Students should bring their own projects to the session, during which (or afterwards in optional supervisions) they will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the most suitable digital tools to use in their research.

Numbers are limited, but any graduate students with a focus on the Humanities are welcome to come, space permitting. To register your attendance, please email Dr Harris via with an outline of your research project and some background on where you think the application of digital tools, or digital resources, might be of assistance.

Dr Anthony Harris completed his PhD at ASNaC as a mature student in 2021 under Professor Richard Dance. He used various digital tools to supplement, assist, and enhance his research, and included one digital research outcome as part of his PhD. Prior to entering academia, Dr Harris was a computer scientist (colour scientist, digital imaging specialist, and systems programmer) for ‘more years than he cares to remember’.