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Clare Hall Tanner Lecture by Professor Allen Buchanan published by the Tanner Board

22 May 2024 College life

The Tanner Board has recently published a lecture by Professor Allen Buchanan from the 2022 Tanner Lecture on Human Values at Clare Hall. The publication is particularly notable, as it is the first time the Tanner Board has published a lecture independently from its compilation of annual Tanner lectures across the Ivy League universities.

Professor Buchanan’s lecture explores how to remedy failures around policy responses to COVID-19, and better prepare institutions for responding to future pandemics. The book also includes commentaries from Professor Cécile Fabre, Professor of Political Philosophy and Senior Research Fellow in Politics at All Souls College, Oxford, and Sir Paul Tucker, Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and author of Unelected Power.

Professor Buchanan is a renowned philosopher and is Professor Emeritus at Duke University, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona, and Professor of the Philosophy of International Law at Dickson Poon School of Law in King’s College, London.

Purchase Professor Buchanan’s book through the University of Utah Press.