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Clare Hall Boat Club

2013-14 Season Wrap-up

After the ‘adventures’ of the 2013 bumps races, both the men’s and women’s boats needed some refurbishment. We used the quieter summer months to bring them back into racing form. While half of the women’s boat was refurbished, the men’s boat has undergone a complete overhaul.  This included changing its colour from the original pale yellow to a more classic white with Clare Hall racing stripes and replacing both worn out gates and fractured footplates.

At the start of the year, taking advantage of a majestic Indian summer day, the CHBC Novice Day gave many of the students, fellows and visiting professors their first introduction to rowing on the Cam. After learning how many layers are needed to stay warm on a cold November morning and the best route for cycling to the boathouse in the dark for a 7am outing, both the men’s and women’s novice teams participated in a number races over Michaelmas, with some success.

Lent term was a different kettle of fish. Water training was limited – despite our location in one of the driest places in the UK, a very wet winter resulted in flooding and many ‘red flag days’ where boating was not allowed. The teams also had to train around the refurbishment of the Green Dragon Bridge, restricting access to one boat per club during the prime morning rowing time. Such conditions were not optimum to prepare for Lent Bumps, and our results were mixed.  While the men’s boat moved up 3 spots, the women’s boat sadly dropped 4.

May term arrived with the promise of sunnier skies and warmer days. The improving weather lured our rowers back to the boathouse – three crews ramped up their training efforts for May bumps.  Our two men’s boats did some racing as part of their preparations, with the M1 winning the Champs 8s Head and X-Press Head and taking second place in two other races.  And training paid off for the M2.  They succeeded in the May Bumps Getting On Race, and for the first time since 2008 Clare Hall had three crews in May Bumps.  The M1 managed to move up 2 places in the challenging M3 division, but unfortunately both the W1 and M2 dropped 4 places.

We had a great year of rowing last year and have high hopes for the season ahead.  We’ll be recruiting for new members this autumn – check out our ‘How to Join’ page on the website for the latest information on joining us.

Olivier MESSE
Clare Hall Boat Club President
18 October 2014, 7:30pm

Race Reports

Check out our race reports to hear about the progress of the boats this term:

May Bumps 2012

The May Bumps, the highlight of the Cambridge rowing calendar is taking place from Wed 13th June - Sat 16th June. Clare Hall M1 start on position five in the fourth men's division and W1 on position 14 in the third women's division. Races for our men's team start at 3.15pm from Wed to Fri and 1.15pm on Saturday. The Clare Hall women are racing at 4pm from Wed to Fri and 2pm on Saturday. More information for the event including start order and division times on the  CUCBC website. As usual, there will be a live radio stream on  CamFM for all races. Crews and race reports for CHBC men and women are available here.

Lent Bumps 2012

Lent Bumps 2012 are taking place Tue 28th February - Sat 3rd March. M1 are racing in the fourth men's division Tuesday to Thursday with a final race on Saturday and W1 in the third women's division every day from Tuesday to Friday.  More information for the event including start order and division times on the  CUCBC website. If you can't make it to the river tune in to  CamFM to get live updates from the river. Crews and race reports for CHBC men and women are available here.

24hr Sponsored Erg 2012

The Clare Hall Boat Club is having a 24 hour 'ergathon' fundraising event this weekend starting on Friday evening (10th February) at 6pm in the Anthony Low Building. At the same time there will be a Valentine's Party and entertainment, music and food throughout the whole event. 

To find out more check the event's  Facebook page.

The event will be lots of fun and there is even the chance to win prizes. There will be special prizes for beginners and children. Sign up  here.

Here is a video from last year's event:



Clare Novices' Regatta 2011

The next races for our novice rowers are taking place this weekend. Clare Hall is entering one men's team into Clare Novices' Regatta. Get up early on Saturday (26th Nov) to not miss their first race at 8.10am. Check out all  Clare Hall races and information about where to watch and how to get there on the  CNR website.

Queens' Ergs 2011 - Results

Results for Queens' Ergs are now online. Clare Hall M1 showed a great performance during their first race and qualified for the final! During that they even improved their time and were the 9th fastest boat in the final round. M2 also had a great race and finished 17th in the lower boats division. Congratulations to both crews. Looking forward for the first race on the river: Emma Sprints on the 20th November.

Find the CHBC crews and results for Queens' Ergs here.

Videos the first M1 race on YouTube:  1st part,  2nd part.

Videos of the final:  1st part,  2nd part.

Queens' Ergs 2011

The first event of this season's rowing calendar is starting soon. Traditionally, Queens' Ergs is the first event for the novice rowers in Michaelmas term. The competition is taking place in Queens' College on Tuesday 8th Nov 2011 starting at 5pm. This year, CHBC is entering two men's crews. M1 is racing at 5.30pm, M2 at 8.30pm with the finals of the 10 fastest crews starting at 10.30pm. More information about the event on the  Queens' Ergs website. Find the CHBC crews and results here.

May Bumps 2011 - Results

May Bumps 2011 are taking place this week from 15 June to 19 June. Results and race reports can be accessed for the women's boat here and for the men's here.

Wed        bumped Selwyn III       +1      
Thubumped Jesus III+2
Fribumped Darwin II+3
Satrowed over+3
Wedbumped Jesus III+1
Thubumped St. Edmund's+2
Fribumped Emmanuel III+3
Satbumped by Emmanuel III+2



Lent Bumps Review

Congratulations to M1 for winning blades with a total of +6! Well done also to W1 for a strong showing after a dramatic first two days. The boat club is very proud of our crews and we are looking good for the forthcoming campaigns!

Read the race reports for the men here and the women here.

Lent Bumps News

Well done to both our teams for the very good results on the first day of Lent Bumps.

Whether you are rowing in this years bumps or want to cheer our teams on and find out how they are doing there are a number of websites you should be aware of that will give you a good insight into how we are doing.

Firstly the official results will be on the  CUCBC website. The university radio station  CamFM has a website dedicated to bumps and also has live broadcasts of each division. In the past they have also uploaded each divisions broadcast as a podcast so if you missed a division you can catch up later. The bumps tables for each division should be updated as races occur.

Someone from Girton College Boat Club is on the bank filming all the
divisions and putting them up on  YouTube. This is particularly
useful for those rowing in bumps as you can see how your crew looked.

On Tuesday, Olivier kindly filmed the men's race and this has been uploaded onto YouTube. To see it see this video by clicking  here. If we get any more they will be uploaded to YouTube as well. If anyone else has videos or photos, do send them around.

Finally there are always plenty of photographers on the bank. One of the
main ones is  Jet Photographic. Everyday they upload photos of each division. For the men from yesterday there are photos from both the first row and the re-row (so don't just look at the first photos).

Well done thus far and good luck in the remaining races!

24hr Sponsored Erg Results

The 2011 edition of the Clare Hall Boat Club 24 hour rowing machine marathon was the most successful to date. The fundraising total currently stands at over £2500!
A tie-in with the GSB Valentine’s Bop resulted in some amazing 80’s themed costumes, and the pancake breakfast the next morning gave a more relaxed family atmosphere.

Alongside breaking fundraising records, the distance record was also shattered, with an incredible 335 km covered over the 24 hrs – that’s an average distance per rower of 7 km!

We hope to build on this success with more, exciting fundraising ideas in the coming months, so stay tuned CHBC fans!!!

Racing update

The Men's and Women's Boat Clubs have been doing an amazing job this year. Come and support Clare Hall at the next race which will take place 5th February for the Newnham Short Course Race. Further, don't miss Lent Bumps, which will be 1st - 5th of March.


24hr Sponsored Erg

The Clare Hall Boat Club is having a 24 hour 'ergathon' fundraising event this weekend starting at 7pm on 12 February in the Anthony Low Building. To find out more and to participate, please view the event flyer and sign up using the following  link.

Please also email  Steve Roecker, CHBC Fundraising Officer, to inform him that you’d like to participate.

The event is a lot of fun - there is music, a pancake breakfast and activities for children. So do feel encouraged to join up!

Clare Hall Men win their division of Uni Fours

On the 1st of November Clare Hall Men wrote College history. Not only did we enter University Fours the first time ever, but we actually won the 2nd Men's IV+ division. After winning against Downing II and Emma II in the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, we beat Jesus II by just 1.7s in the Final. Full results on the  CUCBC website. A race report will follow.

10th Oct - Clare Hall Boat Club 2010 Novice Day

On Sunday 10th October we will have our annual Novice day. This is a great opportunity for all new and old members of Clare Hall to give rowing a try. No experience needed. Just sign up, come along and enjoy.

More information and sign up sheets can be found on our  wiki page.

Clare Hall BC wins Pegasus Cup 2010

Clare Hall Boat club has won the 2010 Milton Brewery Pegasus Cup for the most successful boat club in May Bumps. Well done guys! We can keep the Cup till next year and we get a barrel of Pegasus beer, too. Full standings can be found on the  Milton Brewery Website.

May Bumps 2010

May Bumps 2010 are taking place Wed 9th June - Sat 12th June. M1 are racing in the fourth men's division and W1 in the fourth women's division. Our W2 crew has to qualify in the getting on race on Fri 4th June. Find results, devision times, crews and race reports here.

M1 succeed in 99s Spring regatta

CHBC M1 has shown impressive rowing during this year's 99s Spring Regatta.

The won their first two races easily against Girton and King's and only lost their semi-final by 2 feet against the later over-all winner St. Edmund's.

The crew and a full race report can be found here.

W1 win City Sprints

Our women's team has won the City Sprints 2010.

Crew and a race report can be found here.

Julia Fischer rowing in Blondie

Clare Hall rower Julia Fischer was nominated to row in the CUWBC Blondie boat. She will race against Oxford's reserves Osiris on Sun 28th March.

For the full crew and more information, click  here.

Lent Bumps 2010

Lent Bumps 2010 are taking place Tue 23rd Feb - Sat 27th Feb. Find results, devision times, crews and race reports here.

Corporate sponsorship


Clare Hall Boat Club
Sponsorhip Brochure

(PDF 2.8MB)

30/31 Jan 2010 - Fundraising Event

24hr Sponsored Erg
Where: Anthony Low Building
Clare Hall ( map)

Christmas Head 2009

Two crews entered the Christmas Head 2009. The women started with an VIII. The men started in a pirate-themed IV.

Men's crew and report.
Women's crew and report

Fairbairns Cup 2009

The women entered the Novice Fairbairns Cup, whereas the men entered the Senior Fairbairns Cup with a mixture of senior and novice rowers.

Men's crew and report.
Women's crew and report

Clare Novices' Regatta

Both the women's and the men's teams participated in Clare Novices' Regatte this year.

The men lost their first race against Sidney Sussex.

The women won against Robinson in the first round and lost against Queens' in the 2nd round.
Men's crew and report.

Women's crew and report.

22 Nov 2009 - Crew & Report

Emma Sprints

The event was cancelled after the first devision. Only the women raced and won their first race of the season (against Churchill), whereas the men had a normal outing in their Village People costumes.

Link to Men's Crew & Photos
Link to Women's Crew & Report

10 Nov 2009 - Crew & Report

Clare Hall Boat Club participates in this year's Queens' Ergs Competition 
Both the men and the women had a great time!
Link to Men's Crew & Report

Link to Women's Crew & Report


May Bumps 2009

The 122nd May Bumps 2009 took place between Wednesday 10 June and Saturday 13 June.

Two Clare Hall boats competed in this year's races.

Visit the Results page for details on how CHBC fared this year. Congrats to all crews!

Feb. 2009 - Crew & Report

Lent Bump

24/25 Jan 2009 - Fundraising Event

24hr Sponsored Erg
Where: Anthony Low Building
Clare Hall ( map)

5 Dec 2008 - Crew & Report

Fairbairn Cup Races (Men's Senior VIII)
Results: M1 placed 53rd out of 60 men's senior crews. Their time was 17:51.66, with a halfway split of 8:55.72.

4 Dec 2008 - Crew & Report

Fairbairn Cup (Women's Novice VIII) 
Results: W1 placed 47th out of 58 women's novice crews. Their time was 14:09.20.

29 Nov 2008 - Crew & Report

Clare Novice Regatta 
M1 beaten by Christ in the first draw.
W1 lost the first round against ARU (CCAT).

23 Nov 2008 - Crew & Report

Clare Hall Boat Club participates in Emma Sprint Regatta

Link to Men's Crew & Report
Link to W2 Crew & Report

4 Nov 2008 - Crew & Report

Clare Hall Boat Club participates in Queens' Ergs Competition 
A great time was had by all!
Link to Men's Crew & Report

Clare Hall is first in participation in 2008

Click to enlarge


This graph thanks to Nigel Woodcock, from Clare Boat Club, who has been collecting participation stats for a few years. Clare is usually high up on the list, "But there was no way we could compete with Clare Hall this year!", he tells us.

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