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UPDATE: The Clare Hall Members Concert will now be held on Saturday 6th June.  There are still free slots for performers available!  For more details and who to contact if you want to take part, click here.

Dr Sohini Kar-Narayan, Official Fellow was recently awarded a 5 year European Research Council Starting Grant worth EUR 1.68m.   See details.

The 2014 Basic Income Studies Best Essay Prize was awarded to Visiting Fellow, Toru Yamamori for his essay ' A Feminist Way to Basic Income: Claimants Unions and Women's Liberation Movements in Britain 1968-1987'.   See details.

David Greenberg, PhD student in Psychology, has been awarded the Early Career Research Award from  ESCOM/ SEMPRE (European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music and the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research)

Job Feldbrugge, Master's student in Maths, was awarded the first De Zeeuw-Van Dishoeck Graduate Award by the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMV) in November 2014.  See details

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Thursday 28 May, 7.30-8.00pm
Fellows-Students Interaction Event
Short talk entitled 'Beautiful experiments, beautiful theories'
Professor Malcom Longair

Saturday 30 May, 7.30pm
Clare Hall Music Concert
Jiaxi Lui, Piano
'Colouring Sound'

Tuesday 2 June, 7.45pm
Clare Hall Colloquium
'An Enemy robbed Me of Life - Voices of Nature of Old English Poetry'
Heide Estes, Monmouth University 

Friday 5 June, 5.30pm
Family Supper with Fairy Tales
Akiko Mishima
Doshisha University, Japan

Saturday 6 June, 7.00pm
Clare Hall Members Concert
Students, fellows and visitors enjoy a wide range of music provided by Clare Hall members.

Saturday 13 June, 8.00pm
Concert - Music for a Summers Evening at Clare Hall
Bookings from the Porters Lodge

Wednesday 24 June
Clare Hall Cricket Match
Students vs. Fellows & Staff

Monday May 25, 2015