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The Clare Hall Development Office have written about the recent Alumni Weekend Programme, click here to read all about it and to see photographs from the events.

Clare Hall President David Ibbetson and Development Director Marie Janson recently returned from an overseas trip to America to meet with some of our International Life Members.  Go to Life Members events to read more.

Calling all Life Members
Next year Clare Hall is celebrating its 50th anniversary and we need your help to build a picture of what it was and is like to live within the college.  Click here for more details and to see how you can help. 

For further information on these stories and to read other news, click here.

Also, read the latest issue of the Clare Hall Review.



A brand new look for the Clare Hall website due to launch early 2016.


4th September - 28th October
Clare Hall
Art Exhibition
Black and White - Hand printed photographs by Lotte Attwood

8th October, 1pm, Meeting Room
Clare Hall Lunchtime Talks
Dr Joel Peck 

2nd November, 8pm, Common Room
Clare Hall Book Club
My Father, by Jean Renoir (a biography)

Thursday October 08, 2015