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Music at Clare Hall

Next Concert: Martin Carthy, MBE, guitar
and Dave Swarbrick, fiddle

Saturday September  20th, 7:30pm Clare Hall

Selections from the living traditions of British Isles folk-dance and ballads, performed by the two seminal figures of the British Revival of traditional folk music of England, Ireland, and beyond. If possible, please reserve early with the porters.

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Chamber Music
at Clare Hall


Intimate Engagements at Clare Hall has established itself as a uniquely enjoyable and stimulating contribution to musical life in Cambridge. Prominent artists share with their audiences explorations of different themes in an informal setting, heightening understanding and enjoyment. Now in its seventh season, the Intimate Engagements series is unique in providing a direct and intimate encounter between musicians and audiences, and in combining great music-making with informal presentations by prominent musicians. It is with a great pleasure that we invite you to join this year’s concerts.

The Contemporary Performer:
Between Multiplicity and Unity of styles 

Boyan Vodenitcharov, piano

26 October 2013, 7.30pm

The contemporary musician is exposed to a wide array of musical styles and faces the challenge of how to engage with this multiplicity. In a programme juxtaposing works by Schumann and Debussy with his own improvisations, Boyan Vodenitcharov explores a slippery but fruitful ground: letting what might seem contradictory stylistic elements coexist and communicate.  

Programme: Schumann – a selection from Bunte Blätter op. 99; Drei Stücklein;  Five Albumblätter op. 124; Novelette; Präludium; Debussy – a selection of  Préludes from book II; Vodenitcharov- Improvisations

Orpheus in England: Dowland and Purcell

Emma Kirkby, soprano
Jacob Lindberg, lute

7 December, 2013 7.30pm

Emma Kirkby and Jakob Lindberg celebrate John Dowland and Henry Purcell, two towering figures who worked at either end of the seventeenth century. Dowland's international fame as player and songsmith was based on intimate virtuosity. Purcell wrote for larger forces, in court, city, church and theatre, and also left us a wealth of chamber pieces as well as some of England's best-loved songs. In a recital of songs and instrumental works, the duo presents the wide expressive range and the deep emotional connection between words and sounds in the work of the two ‘English Orpheuses’.

Programme: A selection of songs and works for lute by Henry Purcell and John Dowland

A Winter Journey

Charbel Mattar, baritone
Martin Ennis, piano

1 February 2014, 7.30pm

Schubert wrote Winterreise in two groups of twelve songs. Using this as the starting point for their presentation, Charbel Mattar and Martin Ennis explore ideas of cyclicity and integration in the light of the recurrent musical and poetic themes of the cycle, the relationship between songs, the performance history of the piece, and their own response as performers to the emotional outpouring of one of the great masterpieces of the early Romantic period.

Prgramme: Schubert – Winterreise D. 911

From Solo to Trio: Individuality and Communication in Chamber Music

Abigail Dolan, flute
David Dolan, piano
Thomas Carroll, cello

24 May, 2014, 7.30pm

Following the series' theme of the choices made by performers, cellist Thomas Carroll joins the Dolan Duo in a programme combining solo, duo and trios from the instruments' canonic repertoire of the 18th and 19th centuries. Sharing their creative search in the realm of chamber music, they explore the enriching tension between  creating a unified ensemble while keeping one's individual voice.

Programme: C.P.E. Bach – Sonata in A minor for solo flute; Haydn – Trio in G Major Hob. XV:15; Reinecke – Undine Sonata op. 167; Schumann – Three Fantasy Pieces op. 73; Weber– Trio in G minor op. 63

Music at Clare Hall

Music has played an important part during the 40 years of College life. Our dining hall, which regularly converts itself into a concert hall, increasingly attracts professional musicians, due to its excellent acoustics, the informal setting, and the good rapport between the musicians and the audience.

Flame, by Helaine Blumenfeld  (detail)
Flame, by Helaine Blumenfeld (detail)
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