Research Fellows

Research Fellows are chosen through an annual competition. The appointments are usually limited to three years and candidates are usually postdoctoral. Although the fellowships are mainly non-stipendiary, the College is able to finance one stipendiary Research Fellowship each year.


The deadline for applications is the end of October each year. Please contact the tutorial secretary at
for further details.

Byng, Dr Gabriel
Late medieval and early modern English society

Camilloni, Carlo PhD
The atomic characterisation of enzymatic reactions and intrinsically disordered proteins.

Camps, Joan PhD

The Black Hole problem of General Relativity in higher dimensions

Chewapreecha, Dr Claire
Microbial genomics

Chouchani, Edward PhD
Mitochondrial mechanisms of pathophysiology in myocardial infarction, cancer, and obesity


Dockter, Albert Warren PhD

Ferrario, Gabriele PhD
Oriental Studies

Guilbaud, Dr Romain
Earth Sciences

Karanasios, Eleftherios PhD
Cell biology: autophagy

MacDonald, Ryan PhD
Developmental Neurobiology


Mather, Dr Alison
The epidemiology and genomics of zoonotic bacteria and antimicrobial resistance

Mawdsley Stephen PhD
American medical history

Mitchell, Daniel PhD
History and Philosophy of Science


Motrescu-Mayes, Annamaria PhD
Theories of visual culture and modern South Asian History

Park, Hyun Gwi PhD
Oriental Studies

Regan, John PhD
Enlightenment to Romantic literature and historiography

Skoulidis, Ferdinandos MD
Early events in epithelial carcinogenesis and their therapeutic exploitation; model organsims; translational research in pancreatic and lung cancer

Strobino, Riccardo PhD
Arabo-Islamic logic and philosophy of science

Stuart-Buttle, Dr Tim
Seventeenth and eighteenth century intellectual history

Sutcliffe, Marcella PhD
19th century European history

Taltavull, Dr Catalina
Influence of volcanic ash into jet engines

Tantardini, Lucia
Old Master Drawings and Paintings

Ulturgasheva, Olga PhD
Anthropology and human geography of Arctic regions; Siberian reindeer herding and hunting communities; anthropology of childhood and youth

Wilton-Godberfforde, Emilia PhD
Examining the representation of suicide in seventeenth-century French theatre

Wong, Dr Keri
Social & Developmental Psychology

WU, Huiyi, PhD
NRI/ISF Bye-Fellow Needham Research Institute,
History of Science, Sino-European contact in 16th-18th century

Yata, Dr Keiko
The cell cycle


5th November - 16th December, Clare Hall
Art Exhibition
Visual Connections by Terry Beard and Stephen Murfitt 

22nd November, 7pm, Anthony Low Building
Clare Hall Film ClubFire In Babylon
Hosted by Clare Hall Cricket Club

25th November, 7.00 for 7.30pm, Dining Hall
Thanksgiving Dinner

26th November, 1pm-2pm, Meeting Room
Thursday Lunchtime Talk
Richard W. Hayes, architectural historian
Stage and City: Joseph Papp and Public Theater

26th November, 7.30pm, Meeting Room
Student-Fellows Interaction Talk
Dr Joan Camps, Black holes and quantum information

27th November, 7.30pm, Dining Hall
Members Concert
A chance for members of Clare Hall to share their musical talents!

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